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  1. Having A Wonderful Time

    Translate this Americanism for me please?

    Not to forget the FCC friendly "Gooftard"
  2. Having A Wonderful Time

    have nokia gone down the shitter or something?

    I used to be a die-hard Nokia fan (6133, 6236, 6315i), then I got a Blackberry Pearl and haven't looked back, I know it's a bit more complicated, but it makes a whole hell of a lot more sense after a week.
  3. Having A Wonderful Time

    SEAT Ibiza in the US?

    I saw it again the other day, it didn't have WA plates, but I couldn't make out what they were.
  4. Having A Wonderful Time

    Whats the most exotic car you've ever been in/driven.

    Sat inside: DeLorean Driven: 2004 Mazda3 2.3 Manual
  5. Having A Wonderful Time

    The "Should HAWT get a Saab thread"

    Okay, Ye olde Honda's just about had enough, and I'm thinking about getting a early-late 90's Saab 900/9-3. Mostly because I'm looking for something about the size as my current Accord, a hatchback would be fantastic, they're pretty easy to find with a stick and a turbo, and I really like the...
  6. Having A Wonderful Time

    SEAT Ibiza in the US?

    That was it.
  7. Having A Wonderful Time

    The iPhone\Touch Help thread

    Was there anything new in the Apple firmware update 1.1.4 for the iTouch? I haven't really noticed anything since updating.
  8. Having A Wonderful Time

    Post a pic of yourself

    Me in my car:
  9. Having A Wonderful Time

    SEAT Ibiza in the US?

    It was pretty obviously not a golf, like it was a lot more rounded, had angry looking tail lights and the blacked-out headlights that looked like the one on the Wikipedia article.
  10. Having A Wonderful Time

    Do you like Richard Hammond?

    And I thought I was proud of myself convincing my mom to get a new Civic :(
  11. Having A Wonderful Time

    SEAT Ibiza in the US?

    Also, I realized that this should've belonged in the "random car sightings" thread. Sorry for my noobishness.
  12. Having A Wonderful Time

    SEAT Ibiza in the US?

    Yeah, that's what I was wondering, I've never really thought "Man, if we had that Ibiza in the US..." the same way I've thought of the new Mondeo or the Euro Civic.
  13. Having A Wonderful Time

    SEAT Ibiza in the US?

    I was at a stoplight and just saw it from the side, but it didn't look like he had any plates from what I could make out, and it didn't look like they had the jury-rigged euro+US plates on it either. I couldn't really make sense of the situation. I guess the only thing that caught my eye was...
  14. Having A Wonderful Time

    SEAT Ibiza in the US?

    Okay, I swear I'm not on anything, but I was driving through Kennewick Washington, and I saw a SEAT that was about the size of a Golf. One question: buh? How did it get in the US with US license plates? I didn't have my camera on me, otherwise I'd've taken a picture.
  15. Having A Wonderful Time

    Where has the german efficency gone?

    I'm more German than Scandinavian, so Germany wins in the battle of HAWT's ancestry.
  16. Having A Wonderful Time

    Non-american forum ppl: what's your stereotype american accent?

    I heard somewhere that everything west of Denver (with the exception of The Valley in LA) is more or less the same accent, not accounting for sub-culture. We're just sorta conformist like that.
  17. Having A Wonderful Time

    What music do you drive with?

    I'm kind of a dork (or just lodged in the 90's) and like driving to techno. My favorite album for that would have to be Anjunabeats: Vol 1, or Tiesto Elements of life. Coldplay is pretty awesome when you're somewhere that's scenic (like Snoqualmie pass between here and Seattle), and for around...
  18. Having A Wonderful Time

    2008 Peugeot 308

    I'm kinda glad (Citro?n C4 aside) that we don't have French cars in the US. I'm not sure if I'm just ignorant, or can't see the beauty of it, but every new Peugeot that comes out just seems to have its headlights comically stretched back farther. It's not really a good design theme, like how...
  19. Having A Wonderful Time

    reverse yellow pages? (in Australia)

    I can type in my house phone number into google (Not the brightest idea, I know) and my name shows up at the top. I'm not sure if it would work the same way in Australia.
  20. Having A Wonderful Time

    I like boxes

    I've always wanted to market a "GPS Device" that just says "you are here" What's with us and megaman, CVG? My new Nokia 6315i, BTW.