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  1. predator101

    Dell Powered USB issue

    I have a Dell Inspiron series laptop that has one powershare USB port. The USB works fine and charges stuff even when the laptop is shut-down/asleep. The problem is that when I shut down/sleep the laptop, anything that's connected to the powered USB port stops charging. I have to plug-out the...
  2. predator101

    Help with mobile phone SIM Card!!!!!! (Driving me nuts)

    So I have a Galaxy Note N7000. It was using Network A perfectly before I rooted and installed a custom ROM on it. Once the ROM was installed, the phone stopped to recognize Network A. If I insert Sim of any other network, it works fine. Just Network A does not. The Sim of Network A works fine...
  3. predator101

    Un-answerable Questions

    According to BBC and Ask Jeeves, these are the top 10 most difficult questions to answer. Let's see who comes up with the most logical and best answers: JEEVES' UNANSWERABLES 1. What is the meaning of life? 2. Is there a God? 3. Do blondes have more fun? 4. What is the best diet? 5. Is...
  4. predator101

    PS3 Region Code Help

    Okay this is a very noobish question but I couldn't find any help on the internet.. In which region does middle-east fall for PS3 games?? Is it region 2? or 3? Also can anyone provide me details about which region is for which country, specific to PS3 games only. I know PS3 is region free...
  5. predator101

    Toyota Vitz/Yaris advice needed

    Hi, I have a 2003 model Toyota Vitz/Yaris and I have started to experience a strange problem a while ago: The car trembles and shakes a lot when idling or standing still while in a engaged in a gear (it's automatic 5 speed).. The acceleration has decreased quite significantly and the top speed...
  6. predator101

    Burkini banned by France pool

    I don't know if this is sad or just plain harassment of freedom of speech,action and religious views: The lawyer says there is no mention of such dress in the Quran. Since when has the Quran provided a full of list all the dresses and clothes...
  7. predator101

    My Vectors

    Here are some of my early vectors. CnS is welcome I did this because of the BBS wheel: I tried to make it look like a sketch with help of layering and pen use, so not really a vector: Updated this one with added shading and coloring: Any suggestions and comments?
  8. predator101

    Jeremy Clarkson likes to rap

    Found this on autoblog, who found this from somewhere else.. It sounds pretty cool to me, what do you guys think? PS: sorry i'm a noob, couldn't get to embed the video here.
  9. predator101

    Vector: Ferrari 599 Fiorano

    This is my first ever vector, so be gentle when criticizing it :) Any requests (modding and bigger size etc.) are welcome
  10. predator101

    Cannot access Modem's control panel

    Okay this one has been eating my brain out for a month now and nobosy is able to help me out on it. This forum is my last hope.. Okay my home network is setup like this: A wi-fi Linksys WRT54GC router connected to a DSL modem. IP range of the wi-fi router : IP range of the...
  11. predator101

    "I wanted to see if Europ could laugh at itself"

    So, Europeans, will you laugh after reading this??? Another reason for me to thank God I didn't accept my visa for Europe.
  12. predator101

    Anyone into Forex trading???

    Okay I was just wondering if anyone here is into the business of FOREX TRADING. If yes then write down what is your experience and how much you have raked up or lost doing it ? I made a total $4300 with an investment of $2100 but lost $2500 due to sudden market reversal. So atm I'm trying to...
  13. predator101

    Massive Israeili strike on Gaza

    So this is what Jews call self-defense, eh?? Now I am sure nobody will say that this is the real act of terrorism, just like any other terrorist attach that aims to kill innocent civilians instead of B/S politicians and corrupts. Atleast 195...
  14. predator101

    My first real photoshopping try

    OK here it is. It's just a brushed painting with some custom filters applied. I am posting the both normal and HDR version. I hope you guys like it. It's fairly unique. (or so I think ) Normal Version: HDR Version:
  15. predator101

    Spoilers: Porsche Panamera Official Pics Leaked

    Picked up from autoblog who picked these up from supercars who picked these up from some other site. One word about the back-end: Hideous and I thought Porsche couldn't get uglier than Cayyan.
  16. predator101

    Autoblog: Hate em or love em Challengers from SEMA 08

    Some Dodge Challengers from SEMA '08. 1. George Barris' Red Demon ? The flagship model of a three-car series, the Red Demon is packing a 725-hp, supercharged 6.1-liter V8, which motivates 20-inch (front) and 22-inch (rear) rollers. However, no amount of power could help the Red Demon escape the...
  17. predator101

    Factory Five GTM, slickest kit car

    It looks absolutely stunning, what do you guys think? Original gallery : Quote:
  18. predator101

    Enzo nurburgring lap time!

    Go to and check out the Ferrari Enzo being driven through it's paces.. I am not writing the time here... but it's kinda disappointing.. PS: the video can't be posted here so u have to check it through the website
  19. predator101

    2008, Full of big Hollywood biggies

    Next year is sure to be interesting as a hell of a big movies are going to be released including: Rambo 4, starring ( Sylvester Stallone) Bolt ( Disney's animation starring John Travolta's voice) Ace Ventura Jr. ( Although Jim Carry is not cast) The Bank Job (Jason Statham in a real bank...