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  1. Militant-Grunt

    Commie Cars - More Segments of this type

    I enjoyed the Communist Car segment so much I must've watched it three times by now. It was really well put together and extremely entertaining, but also very fresh. Top gear has been doing less and less stuff about cars of the past. I believe they should include more segments on older...
  2. Militant-Grunt

    2001.0 Replacement A4

    Some new stuff. 11/08/2009. Painted all the wheels black, calipers lime green, and just gave the car lime accent through out the car. Also originally the car had a Garrett 3076, but because of a filter mishap I had to upgrade the compressor, so I went HTA.(billet compressor wheel, larger comp...
  3. Militant-Grunt

    Rip A4

    So, I was over at SSP tuning doing some work, my car parked out front, when I hear squealing, and see a corvette broadside my A4 at close to 100mph. Some dumb fuck 18 year old kid lost control, speeding down in a 40. He came inches away from a GT28 S4 and hit mine, and a Toyota in front of my...
  4. Militant-Grunt

    My A4 in its natural habitat.

    Replaced my old headlights with 2 piece projectors. Enjoying the snow in the northeast. Oh and being the child that I can be sometimes. Had some fun in flushing meadows, memory on my camera sucks. From last...
  5. Militant-Grunt

    What's wrong with this picture

  6. Militant-Grunt

    My A4's new shoes. 56k Beware.

    18'' RS4 Reps, 225 x 40 x 18 Toyo Proxes 4 Ultra High Performance All season tyres. Next on my list to get: Either Exhaust or RS4 grille and ecodes.
  7. Militant-Grunt

    Starcraft: Nestalgia

    Does anyone have the original case? I need a second CD key, is someone willing to give a genuine key away? Now I know everyone here who plays any sort of game has at one point played starcraft.
  8. Militant-Grunt

    Pics as promised.

    1998 A4 1.8T. Its been chipped, lowered, and given neuspeed suspension. Today me and two friends cleaned out the interior and gave the exterior a nice bath. Paid 5900. I love it. The chip gives it a big gain. Ran against my friend's mazda Mx-5 (2006) and started putting lengths after...
  9. Militant-Grunt

    So I bought a car.

    Yeah finnally. Its not a beater tho, nor is it RWD like I thought it would be, I also spent 4k more than I thought I would. I bought a 1998 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro. It has 94,400 miles on it, the crucial parts that break down in that car have been replaced, (water pump, timing belt, wheel bearings...
  10. Militant-Grunt

    NYC Hospital Run Meet. 56k No no.

    Yesterday there was an exotic car meet down on 1st avenue and 34th street in manhattan, the aim of the meet was to let sick and disabled children sit and look at incredible cars. I was invited along with another ML55 owner. I spoke to the owner of this 6.0 Diablo and she let me sit in it...
  11. Militant-Grunt

    A good RWD beater?

    The ML is being a little overused, and the Disco is unreliable and delivers horrid fuel economy. I want to get a car for around a grand to get me to school and just around, it has to have a manual tranny, and rear wheel drive. I am at the constant look out for early nissan 240sx's, they go for...
  12. Militant-Grunt

    Animated Gif's

    I noticed that a number of people have animated gifs made from Top Gear episodes, how is that done? How do you guys record a clip and get it small enough for the avatar and save it as a gif? Info appreciated :)
  13. Militant-Grunt

    I got a job YAY. Now I need a roadster for 15k Which?!

    I recently got a well paying job, from what it appears, I will be able to get a nice 5-6k downpayment by late august, and be able to finance the car. I looked at used S2000's, M roadster, the Z3, the miata ( The NB is way too girly) and im trying to figure if there is a car that I forgot to look...
  14. Militant-Grunt

    Need Help Identifying Audio ( Top Gear related)

    I went to the "Whats that song" section but it didnt go to 7-06-2003 so I went and recorded a clip of a song that I Need to have Does anyone know the name of it? Much appreciated.
  15. Militant-Grunt

    Deciding on a new car.

    A friend of mine needs to make up his mind, I think this is a good place to come for advice. He currently has a 300hp 2g Eclipse, its beginning to fall apart, he came close to getting a C43 AMG, but the insurance was too high. So he's left with the following choices
  16. Militant-Grunt

    Wheres our Crack?!

    its already wednesday.. and still no fifth gear. Vuk? Viper? :cry:
  17. Militant-Grunt

    I just busted all over my self...

    When I saw the Z4 Coupe =O its :shock: jaw droppingly beautiful. World Debut at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show A genuine pacemaker for the sports car aficionado in every respect: At the 61st International Motor Show in...
  18. Militant-Grunt

    great joke.

    Okay so I get on the train, I sit in a 3 seater by the window...there are a bunch of other seats open or whatever and this family of 4 comes and 2 of them sit with me and 2 sit next to them in the 2 seater... Which boggles my mind because they could have easily taken 2 2 seaters and left an...
  19. Militant-Grunt

    Why doesnt Audi take part in the FIA WRC.

    I mean cmon, they came up with quattro. Back in the 80s the audi quattro dominated the hell out of WRC. So what happened?
  20. Militant-Grunt

    What would you get for 6 grand?

    In about a year I shall be purchasing my first car. Im about 6 foot 3'' so I cannot have a small car ( just about rules out any 3 series sized car. ) My price range will most likely be around 6k and then some for repairs. Im thinking of a E34 BMW 535i or 540i. If I get lucky maybe a E39 528i...