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  1. Having A Wonderful Time

    The "Should HAWT get a Saab thread"

    Okay, Ye olde Honda's just about had enough, and I'm thinking about getting a early-late 90's Saab 900/9-3. Mostly because I'm looking for something about the size as my current Accord, a hatchback would be fantastic, they're pretty easy to find with a stick and a turbo, and I really like the...
  2. Having A Wonderful Time

    SEAT Ibiza in the US?

    Okay, I swear I'm not on anything, but I was driving through Kennewick Washington, and I saw a SEAT that was about the size of a Golf. One question: buh? How did it get in the US with US license plates? I didn't have my camera on me, otherwise I'd've taken a picture.
  3. Having A Wonderful Time

    Would you buy Top Gear on iTunes?

    In the US, we have the iTunes Store, and they sell most TV shows on the major networks for $1.99 a pop. Would you buy an episode of Top Gear at that price if it was offered, or continue to get it from BitTorrent? I, personally, would get it from iTunes, because BT is the only way to get full...