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    Top Gear DVD covers

    hi everybody, I'm looking for DVD covers for my topgear shows. I found a bunch on cdcovers.CC, those of season 1 & 2, 3 & 4, revved up ( changed that to 5 & 6 ) but nom I'm using winterolympics for 7 & 8 and I've got nothing for 9 Does anybody know where I can find more? or does anybody have...
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    episode 1 season 3

    hi, i've got all the episodes of top gear on dvd, except 1: the first episode of season 3. Does anybody know where I can find it? thx in advance
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    Top Gear crashed Ferrari Enzo?

    I heared something about the? crashing Nick Mason's Enzo while during the test with the Maseratti. Does anyone know something about it? If true, Clarckson is in for a lot of trouble :evil: :evil:
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    can't download episode Topgear

    Hi, I'm having trouble downloading the episode from 07/12/03 I did install ABC, but that didn't work with me, so I got another program from a friend. Only I have to go arround it, by saving the target, and then opening it. Then it starts to download. That worked fine for all shows except the...
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    the new E90 BMW 3 series

    Hi, I'm new here. Great site, one of the best idea's ever I think :D Here's my gift to you :wink: found at What will jeremy think of this little beauty :wink: