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  1. jonimatix

    Japanese Sniper Prank :)

    This guy was mortified :)
  2. jonimatix

    No Video but Sound ok in .wmv

    I have a .wmv file and the sound plays ok with Media player classic but the Video remains a black picture :s anybody knows how? I tried Windows Media Player 11, Media Player Classic and also VLC... Please any suggestions on how to solve this particular problem?
  3. jonimatix

    Anyone familiar with J2EE?

    Anyone familiar with J2EE in here? I need some guidance on a project... If anyone can help me I would appreciate :)
  4. jonimatix

    How to do this

    Does anyone knows how to grab an outline from one picture and put in in another picture? This technique is mostly used in web design stuff.
  5. jonimatix

    Are these hoaxes?

    Are website such as hoaxes and make fun of people or do they really pay that much when applying to work for them... anybody tried it before?
  6. jonimatix

    Nice Crash

    I guess that this guy didnt see the wall :lol: :oops:
  7. jonimatix

    Clarkson's, Hammonds' and May's Cars

    Hi everybody. Does anyone knows what cars the 3 presenters of Top Gear own? I know that Clarkson has got a Forg GT and an SL55AMG but i dont know if he's got any more... how about the other 2 guys? Cheers