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  1. boganbusman

    V-belt pulley stuck

    Duh, that's why you put something in front, like a washer. Heating has much more potential for damage. The crankshaft is a heat-treated component, if you accidentally make it too hot then it's not gunna be happy. The threads could also soften or deform and make it hard/impossible to put the...
  2. boganbusman

    V-belt pulley stuck

    I would use a puller that has bolts instead of jaws. Like this: or Drill two holes in the pulley (close to the centre), stick the bolts through and put nuts on the back. Then pull away! I'll be very suprised if that doesn't work. Torch is a last resort, I would go for an angle grinder...
  3. boganbusman

    Cheap, fun Japanese beaters?

    The 4A is a very tough motor, it's unlikely that it has any internal damage and rebuilding is pretty cheap and easy in most cases. Besides that, MR2s are great as a cheap fun car. Shits all over the MX5 imo. There are always plenty of decent ones for sale, just keep searching! Get one and you...
  4. boganbusman

    diagnose the noise

    Cracked exhaust manifold?
  5. boganbusman

    How do you become a professional racing driver?

    I don't have anything else to contribute here, but I just wanted to say how goddamn lucky you all are to be in America when it comes to motorsports. Over here in my state we have next to fucking nothing. Racing is only for people who are cashed up and even then it's not very frequent racing...
  6. boganbusman

    skoda troubles: no life and busted suspension

    Fair enough, cars don't rust too badly around here so I've never seen it happen. But even so, an '03 model with that much of a rust problem...
  7. boganbusman

    skoda troubles: no life and busted suspension

    I have no idea how you would break a spring. That's just about impossible... At least it won't be expensive to fix. Gotta find out what the leaking fluid is though. Does it have any colour or smell?
  8. boganbusman

    skoda troubles: no life and busted suspension

    Blowing a damper won't lower the car because the spring is what holds it up. Could be a failed ball joint or something like that. Better jack up the car and remove the wheel to get a better look.
  9. boganbusman

    How do you become a professional racing driver?

    Option 1: Buy a kart and start racing competitively. Race as much as possible in any and every category that you possibly can. Win races. Get scouted by a entry-level motorsports race team. Win races. Get accepted into a higher category of racing. Win races. By now you are probably a pro race...
  10. boganbusman

    Isuzu - big problems

    Wut? 60,000 Rand is well over $8000, that could have bought a brand new engine and then some! Or at least a really nice rebuild with full machine work and all new internals, etc. I don't think it's possible for someone to spend that much, and then accept that the car feels no different to...
  11. boganbusman

    Isuzu - big problems

    Blue smoke = oil Black smoke = fuel White smoke = coolant That's usually how it goes, but it can get confusing if two or more things are burning at once!
  12. boganbusman

    Isuzu - big problems

    Well blue smoke = burning oil, and coupled with the extreme shuddering I'd say that you've got totalled piston rings or ringlands in at least one cylinder. It could also possibly be a headgasket, if it happened to fail somewhere between a cylinder and the oil feed, but that's unlikely I think.
  13. boganbusman

    How hard can it be? Removing the V-Belt pulley from the crankshaft

    The puller should work, as long as there is no rubber bonded section in the pulley. Are there any threaded holes in the pulley around the centre? It would be better to use these if it has any. But most importantly, don't hit it with a fucking hammer! That is a good way to potentially damage...
  14. boganbusman

    Striped bolt holes? Can they be fixed?

    Hah, it's even worse when the brake disc is not held in place by a bolt. That makes 3 sets of holes you have to line up whilst juggling an excessively heavy Euro alloy wheel. Much fun indeed. Anyway . . . I had always wondered what would happen if something went wrong with the wheel bolts...
  15. boganbusman

    Special Battery Charger Needed for Optima Batteries?

    YES, definitely. I have ruined an Odyssey battery by using a normal charger several times. Basically the battery swelled up like a balloon (although it still works, but it doesn't fit in my battery tray anymore) You need one of those smart-charger things that is specifically designed to work...
  16. boganbusman

    Tires squealing all the time

    Hah, good guess. Doesn't matter if you think the ruber is fine or not, fact is that it squeals like a pig and the only thing you can do to stop it is buy new tyres.
  17. boganbusman

    Tires squealing all the time

    Are they Michelin XM1s? They tend to squeal a lot after a few years of usage. But yeah the rubber is just degrading and probably due for replacement. Not uncommon.
  18. boganbusman

    anyone have experience with fiberglass?

    Spelling Nazi: GRAMMAR :P
  19. boganbusman

    At what speeds does esp work?

    Does the warning light come on every time you drive the car, as soon as you apply the brakes? If so it could be the brake switch. We had a W211 E280 at work with this exact problem and that's what it turned out to be. New part is like a couple of hundred bucks though!
  20. boganbusman

    Complete cooling system failure

    Not quite. Most cars with pressurised coolant reservoirs can bleed themselves, but a regular overflow tank can't really do it that well.