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  1. topgearwascool

    Amsterdam Weekender June 2016

    I arrived in Amsterdam Sunday the 5th of June 2016, left Amsterdam 10am Tuesday the 7th of June 2016.. My trip: Day 1... The Stock Exchange... Is where my hotel and favourite coffee shop is and; Feels like my home; 'This bull statue's on my street out there.' Settling in... Day 2...
  2. topgearwascool

    Celebrity Cars

    Tia Mowry Okay, I'm going to admit it, I'm attracted to Tia, a lot. Always have been. So I guess that's why we have thread... But... I don't know, I've seen other celebrities and their car pics and even once, on eBay, a car claiming to belong to Dolly Parton (US car I'd import if I could).
  3. topgearwascool

    Manual Vs. Automatic

    I prefer manual transmission.
  4. topgearwascool

    Jamaican Food

    Food from Jamaica or... Jamaican cuisine. I like Jamaican food. Jerk chicken, roti, patties, ital/vegetarian friendly bean based dishes too and where I'm from, so much to choose. also Spice Bun, this cake from Jamaica. And Water Crackers. Rice and peas is nice and I will forever have a love for...
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    What they do in China is up to China. I personally don't feel like they've played 'fair' to get to where they've gotten to today. By UK standards, China are lacking; Human Rights, Animal Rights, Democracy, Child Labour Laws and Freedom. In the UK (where I'm from/posting this post from); You...
  6. topgearwascool

    American Fascism

    Could the USA become a fascist nation? - Yes. Will it? Donald Trump seems to be campaigning on blatant Islamophobia pledging the make America great again. He also has a real chance of becoming the 45th president. Do you fear Donald Trump becoming President?
  7. topgearwascool

    Ownership Verified: My First Car (Volkswagen Golf S Cabriolet)... 2.0L

    Seller's photos... Used car, I found it on the internet, bought it, and had it shipped across England with UShip! Anyvan let me down, hard, I lost my quote they gave me of ?220 when my own window came and went and payment to me was delayed so I had to wait even longer...
  8. topgearwascool

    On The Job (snapshots to pass the time @ work)

    I am a labourer by day employed by 4 agencies and a nightclub promoter Saturday nights in Soho. Something I passed everyday on the train on the way to this site in Banstead, Surrey I was on, snapshot taken from the train at Belmont Railway Station. My first site for my favourite agency; 99...
  9. topgearwascool

    Replace one word in a movie title with "shit"

    The X Files: I Want to Shit South Park: Bigger, Longer & Shit Debbie Does Shit Look Who's Shit
  10. topgearwascool

    MK.1 Vauxhall Astra Estate

    I want this car. I want a MK.1 Vauxhall Astra Estate, metallic green if I can... and.... Getting this car and refurbishing it and then having it upgraded like, old vs. new, so, more power to help support devices on the dashboard/a lil' more power under the hood for the 1.6 engine. and...