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  1. HurricaneOpal

    must choose a Ford fleet car

    New job and lucky to get a company car I get to specify to a certain extent BUT I am limited to Ford. I am a German car fan and know nothing about Fords. And the Ford website is less than informative - technical specs are impossible to find. Looks like the 2013 Fusion (Mondeo in the EU) will...
  2. HurricaneOpal

    Dealer add-ons

    I'm picking up some new wheels next week. Of course the dealer has a long list of suggested extra stuff. Wondering if anyone has experience or an opinion on the following: Cilajet - apparently what they spray aircraft with. Purported to reduce drag a bit and make waxing unnecessary for many...
  3. HurricaneOpal

    2009 Porsche 911 Carrera S PDK

    Has anyone driven this car enough to form an opinion? Big commitment from a short test drive!
  4. HurricaneOpal

    adjust clutch pedal for short person?

    I so want to buy a Cayman, but you have to floor the clutch pedal to turn the thing on. With the seat all the way up I can still barely reach it on tippy toe. This also puts me too close to the steering wheel. Surely this can be adjusted two inches forward? Porsche USA says they do not...