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  1. Fiorano

    Has TG (or anyone else) reviewed your car?

    So I don't own a car new enough for new TG to have reviewed it but after a bit of youtube trawling managed to find it for at least my BMW. old top gear - e39 M5 tiff needell A very flattering review. A SICK powerslide at the start by the Tiff, and...
  2. Fiorano

    When a husband and wife both watch top gear.

    You get really dorky phone jokes. I apologize if this has been done eleventy billion times.
  3. Fiorano

    89 Supra Turbo and the beast (BMW M5)

    The supra was bought broken, ugly, ruined. list of changes/repairs auto to 5-speed (r154 transmission) replaced starter new driveshaft + bearing replaced/repaired about a trillion wires new alternator new ac compressor and clutch, new AC amplifier (still not sure what that was but it cost...