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    What Profound Way Did You Think A Car Worked?

    my family always owned automatics, and when i was about 9 i was in a manual and was surprised there was a clutch pedal, i thought in a manual you just move the stick around. i like to say i envisioned the clutchless semi-automatic gearbox :)
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    [13x06] February 25th, 2008

    top gear used it in the SLR vs. boat race, i'm looking for the actual song now and i'll edit if i found it. edit: the song is M83 - moon child
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    My last day here.... for the time being

    so long, HondaF1 :wave:
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    I'm coming to australia!

    thanks guys :D and may i ask what's with all the Australian bashing? is there really that much difference between sydney\melbourne?
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    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    i thought it was a keyboard made from snails...
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    I'm coming to australia!

    finally, after months of anticipation, next week i'm arriving in sydney 8). i'll be arriving next friday noon, and i'll be spending anywhere between 2-4 months in sydney with my uncles who lives in bondi. i've been trying to figure out how i'm going to spend all this time, and i've got a bunch...
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    How old were you when you first tried alcohol?

    first time i had alcohol? 8 days old. :P first time i got wasted? couple of months ago, i drank a full bottle of vodka and vomited about five times later that night, of which twice while i was sleeping. never again.
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    Your 2007 season highlight/lowlights

    highlight: the beginning of the Brazilian GP, watching raikkonen overtake hamilton and hamilton going off the track (i actually started jumping up and down in my seat screaming "YES!!!") lowlight: spy scandal
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    2007 Brazilian Grand Prix - Title Decider

    congrats to kimi :thumbsup: he deserves it.
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    Question about cars in 1st gear

    that's an awesome advert :D is it real?
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    drafting on the road?

    in israel we're told to keep 2 seconds distance, which at motorway speed 100 km\h means the recommended distance is ~54 meters (=164 feet). so it seems to me like drafting is a bit too dangerous in normal circumstances behind a car, but i think i will give it a try occasionally when behind a...
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    drafting on the road?

    from what i've understood, if you're behind a car at speed you have less drag affecting you because the car in front is leaving a kind of pocket of clean air behind it, and this helps your acceleration and fuel economy. so i'm wondering: could i use this on the road? is it possible to keep a...
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    [10x02] October 14th, 2007

    i loved it! very entertaining (news was hilarious!)
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    [10x01] October 7th, 2007

    i.....feel....disappointed :cry: it just doesn't feel right.. it feels to me like they made things too scripted, and some things are just being repeated too much(e.g. JC's exaggerations). or maybe it's just me building too much expectations for the new season... it is good to see the guys doing...
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    why does a car make a different noise when going backwards?

    i used to think that that whining noise was coming from a supercharger... amazing!
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    2007 Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix

    i'm annoyed.. i got up at 6:00 AM for this race and there's no race. :mad:
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    How to talk about Anorexia?

    as a person who actually knows an anorexic girl, i think you should consult a professional. look up a hotline for psychology or something and describe the situation to them and ask them, they know best. a girl i know, who was always quite skinny, became anorexic and her family noticed it and...
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    New help in making my self defense of car package against enviromentalists.

    there's a statistic i've been looking for that i can't find about global warming and stuff: how much CO2 is emitted in total, and how much of it is because of humans? on TG they also once showed a diagram explaining how much of CO2 comes from cars, if somebody could find that it would be great.
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    M5 twinturbo and M7 prototypes testing

    580 hp RS6, twin turbo m5, what's next? probably a merc E65 AMG... ze germans have gone mad, and the lucky sods who can afford these cars will really benefit...