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    Where's this from...?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone knew where this clip originates? ie, the full video not just the Ferrari burnout. For those of u who CBF looking, it's the one where clarkson is talking and some dude...
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    I love that site, It's simple and informative and have been using it before TopGear as we know it even existed....however, a few days ago it had a pic of the Stig in front of the CCX and its title was 'CCX on top' or something along the lines of that. This was just after the CCX got the fastest...
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    Where can I acquire the 2002 season of Top Gear?

    Hey guys...can't find any torrents for '02 season...any help appreciated. Also, the ep's from '03 that arent listed on the final gear download section would be good too...thanks.