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  1. ruuman

    My current fleet

    Well, I've lost my boring company skoda octavia, so I had to buy something else so this seems as good a time as any to show my wrecks off. The new kid, defender 90 200tdi The young kid, SJ410 The Shed (literally!) And the faithful steed and until last week the skunk... don't ask :)...
  2. ruuman

    Another moment of silence please

    I've finally had to do it, first my pickup truck :( now the kit car has to go No time to finish it and I want to build my new 4x4. So a moment of silence please for the car that never was. Hopefully the next owner will will...
  3. ruuman

    video editing help!!!

    Hi all, just got myself an OS ATC 2000 It's pretty cool for the price and features. Only problem is I do all my editing in Adobe Premier pro that works @ 720x576, but the helmet cam records at 640x480. When I import the video it doesn't fill the frame and I can't see an obvious way to get...
  4. ruuman

    So how much are we being screwed for car tax now?

    I haven't had a chance to go through the new budget in detail, but as far as I can figure out if you drive anything over a 1.6 you now have to pay 400quid!! If you have anything small you pay slightly less than before (15-20quid). Anyone know?
  5. ruuman

    Anyone know anything about Kayaking?

    I've just sold 2 of my old fibreglass canoes and want to move up (down?) to a Kayak style tub. What sort of thing is good to look out for? I need a boat that's about 7-8ft long so it's easy to move about and will fit down all the local rivers/streams. This is the cheapest I've found that...
  6. ruuman

    ATI Crossfire help!!!

    Righty ho, just need a hand figuring out which card I actually need. I current have an ASUS P5W DH Deluxe SKT 775 dual-core motherboard and a Sapphire ATI X1950XT 256MB GDDR3 VIVO dual DVI PCI-E What the hell card do I need so I can crossfire, the ATI website is useless and doesn't...
  7. ruuman

    God dammit!!!

    I think I just got caught by a mobile camera, one of the ones in a van and a video camera. It was completely empty stretch of duel carriageway, I think I was doing 90ish and saw him when he was about 100m away hiding under a bridge and got it down to 70 straight away. Anyone know how close you...
  8. ruuman

    What fuel do you use?

    I don't think anyone's asked this. I'm talking about your daily driver, thought it might be interesting. Might be worth posting your average MPG, average speed and car too. Well my trip computer recons: Avg speed 52mph over last 6000miles (must try harder) Avg MPG 46.2mpg (nice) Skoda Fabia...
  9. ruuman

    help me waste my money

    Right the time has come for me to upgrade my PC. I want to base it around one of the new quad core extreme intels. At least 2 gig ram (expanding to at least 4gig) duel head card (moving to SLI later because I want to run 3 screens) Good quality sounds card Games I play: Armed Assualt BF2 Fear...
  10. ruuman

    Automatic or Manual, what do you drive?

    sorry if this has been posted before, but I couldn't find a thread. Basically I'm talking your daily driver not your weekend thrash mobile.
  11. ruuman

    It's a sad day

    Very sad day, I have to sell my pickup truck, she been very good to me and will be sadly missed, so can we have a moment of silence please :sad:
  12. ruuman

    Foriegn Languages

    Hi all, This is a bit of a call for help, I'm trying to learn French at the moment and just can't seem to get anywhere. I've tried books and CD's but nothing seems to stick. Considering how multicultural these forums are, most people have excellent command of the english language. So how did...
  13. ruuman

    Air Suspension

    Hi All, Right I'm planning on fitting air suspension to the rear of my range rover as part of an experiment. I'll add some pics of what I'm planning to do a little later so the over all layout makes more sense. But for starters has any one got any hints or tips. Basically I have a 60L (12...
  14. ruuman

    I got a new car too!!!

    well I say new, it's older than me :roll: 1978 range rover, it's a bit dam rusty in places and pisses oil out the g-box, but the engine sounds good and it's got a 2 speed hydralic winch. I think I'll get rid of the spot light bank on the front and change the colour, not sure what yet...
  15. ruuman

    I was just checking for lumps....
  16. ruuman

    James May on the hydrogen car

    James is doing a review of german's latest electric car on the radio: sorry it's real audio It's not amazing, but quite interesting Thanks Ruu
  17. ruuman

    ***IMPORTANT*** Brits please read ***IMPORTANT***

    Hi you lot, I have a very very big favour to ask, if your a Brit then please go here and sign this petition, basically some busy body government department is trying to put a stop to 40% of british off-road motorsport by screwing farmers and...
  18. ruuman

    16mm filter effect

    Hi guys, I've been doing a ton of video editing recently in adobe premier. I only have a very budget camera (I like it though) Sony TRV245E, now the image it takes is of a good quality it would be nice if I could pull off that 16mm depth of colour. Any of you have any experiance of this...
  19. ruuman

    Who are the worst road users in your country

    Got this idea from another thread, I say mercs ruu
  20. ruuman

    1/4 mile times

    Can some one please explain why I have never seen a manufacturer spec claim faster than 15sec for their standard road cars. But then you hear kids talking how there cars do the 1/4 in 10sec when it's a right POS. Especially when a MClaren F1 can't do it faster than about 10sec's and that gets...