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  1. ColumbusIS

    Can't play 16x06 "in Sync" Repack by BiA

    Hey all. I can't get the in sync 720p version to play. WMP 11, MPC, VLC, and DivX Plus all won't play it. At least DivX Plus tells me I need additional DirectShow filters, but I haven't been able to find anything newer/better than what I already have. Anyone else having this problem?
  2. ColumbusIS

    A funny thing happened on the way home from work ....

    BMW has a "BMW Financial" building right by where I live. On the way home this evening I saw 3 Rolls Royce Phantoms go by, 2 saloons and 1 drophead. The errie thing about it was, I was playing the Solaris soundtrack in my CD player as we passed each other going opposite directions. It was on...
  3. ColumbusIS

    Audi R8 Spotted in Dublin, Ohio, USA

    On my way to the gym this morning at 4:45AM, I stumbled upon this ;) The guy works for the local Audi dealer and is bringing all sorts of stuff home on a daily basis RS4's, A8L's etc. etc. I often wondered if one of these would show up :D Sorry about the date .... my camera had been off...
  4. ColumbusIS

    2006 Tail of The Dragon

    Hey all, Every year myself and several others head over to the Tennesee/North Carolina border to drive a stretch of US129 called "The Tail of The Dragon" With all due respect to Clarkson and his rant about "No American who designed that chassis has no clue that a road like this even exists"...