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  1. DaShowstoppa

    2017 Monaco Grand Prix/Indy 500

    I think Jens just got overexcited and tried to open the gap into Portier 2. I'm glad Pascal is okay though, that did look nasty. For the record I think that Ferrari would have got Seb ahead somehow, but the way it turned out, Seb simply pumped in some sensational laps to make the difference...
  2. DaShowstoppa

    2017 Monaco Grand Prix/Indy 500

    How can you not love the FIA. Kimi looked ready to punch someone on the podium. I wouldn't put money on him being at Ferrari next year.
  3. DaShowstoppa

    Alonso's Indy Adventure

    I get the distinct impression that if Fernando never saw another Honda engine, it would be too soon.
  4. DaShowstoppa

    2017 Australian GP

    Hamilton bitches and moans so much, it's beautiful to see him lose. Well done Seb.
  5. DaShowstoppa

    2016 Formula 1 Season Thread

    According to Sky F1, Sebastian is a bit annoyed that he's not allowed to call the shots in the way Michael used to. Makes me think he could already be eyeing an exit.
  6. DaShowstoppa

    2016 Formula 1 Season Thread

    That's a shocker. I guess he was happy with one title. He's most likely saved Lewis from the axe now as well. Of course the big question is who comes in now? Most of the drivers are in contracts for next year. Will they go for a young challenger, or go the route of having the second driver being...
  7. DaShowstoppa

    2016 Formula 1 Season Thread

    His contract's due in 2018 anyway, I don't think Mercedes will renew it. I've said before I've a funny feeling that Sebastian and Lewis will swap seats.
  8. DaShowstoppa

    2016 Brasilian Gp

    A star arrived in this race. Superlative drive from Max. Dare I say Senna like at times.
  9. DaShowstoppa

    2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

    Absolutely, and I was drinking in the tears of the Lewis Hamilton fanclub which masquerades as the Sky F1 team. The moment the team gave Lewis the order to let it go, was the moment what he was doing became unacceptable. His conduct when things don't go for him is like the behaviour of a...
  10. DaShowstoppa

    [01x02] November 25th, 2016

    I liked it, I enjoyed the Jordan film because it was a bloody good laugh. Sometimes you just need to switch your brain off and enjoy something because it's plain daft. I thought it was hilarious, especially knowing you were about to hear James get shot again. I also loved Richard's face when...
  11. DaShowstoppa

    [01x01] November 18th, 2016

    In one episode, the original trio of CMH showed the BBC why the "new" Top Gear was doomed from the start. I love the intro, very Forza Horizon. Quite a few digs at the BBC, but just the right side of "screw you" without seeming pointlessly petty. I did suspect the American was in there as a dig...
  12. DaShowstoppa

    2016 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Hamilton buggers off at first corner, Rosberg spins half his tyres off...
  13. DaShowstoppa

    2016 Hungarian Grand Prix

    Yeah he was coughing, and Nico started too. Daniel thought he was taking the p*ss!
  14. DaShowstoppa

    2016 Hungarian Grand Prix

    The boy's a knob goblin.
  15. DaShowstoppa

    Random Thoughts...[F1 edition]

    I'm starting to get the impression Jenson Button has had enough of Formula One.
  16. DaShowstoppa

    2016 Hungarian Grand Prix Basically threw Nico under the bus while highlighting the yellow flag situation. Nico was not amused.
  17. DaShowstoppa

    2016 Hungarian Grand Prix

    Hamilton again bending Mercedes to his will. If that had been Rosberg backing him up, they would have ordered him out of the way (Like at Monaco). I'm amazed Nico stayed with that team. They don't give a stuff about him - it's Lewis' team. Plus that stroke Hamilton pulled in the press...
  18. DaShowstoppa

    2016 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Yeah, just hoping my GP2 Feature race recorded okay. Which I'm watching now. Very difficult not to spoil the result now. My phone even sends me Sky Sports updates.
  19. DaShowstoppa

    2016 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Q1 delayed in Hungary, due to torrential rain. Safety car is lapping at the moment.
  20. DaShowstoppa

    Baku, anyone?

    Niki Lauda said it to Ted Kravitz after the race if I recall correctly.