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  1. Chibouki

    The Grand Tour may not be touring this year
  2. Chibouki

    Johhny Smith joins Robert Llewellyn on Fully Charged.

    Johhny Smith joins Robert Llewellyn on Fully Charged. I don't like the Smart but it is a good first review: It is true that he knows a thing or two about electric cars, that suits him perfectly.
  3. Chibouki

    Music indentification: The Grand Tour

    Well I guess this is the first song for the topic "Music indentification: The Grand Tour"!!! :mrgreen: if I am correct it as to be in the sub-forum so this is a temporary solution.
  4. Chibouki

    That tells me a lot

    While Chris Evans collects expensive Ferrari, paint it white and put it on shelves, Gordon Ramsey don't remember the name of his La Ferrari, etc... Richard Hammond is showing his daughter to drive with Oliver!!! (From Richard Hammond Facebook) "Eldest girl has mastered auto. Today we learn...
  5. Chibouki

    W. Chump & Sons Reliant Robin company cars

    Well like Red Moon reported it, Reliant Robin is the new W. Chump & Sons official car. So????? That sounds promising. It is why I open this thread for the Reliant Robins adventures (If there is). By the way I love those wheels...