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  1. Cruzz563

    Diagnose a hardware issue

    I built a new PC, and something's gone wrong. So it boots, runs windows, etc., but it'll randomly freeze and I have to hold the power button down to the shut it down, it becomes completely non responsive. Hoping someone knows any good diagnostic program I might be able to use, I plan on running...
  2. Cruzz563

    ZOMG point and shoot?!

    :unsure: Figured I could post this here, if it's not, lemme know and I'll move it, I never come in this part of the forum :P Wondering if someone could recommend a P&S that's good in low light, at least as good a P&S can be in low light. $350 is the budget, however, if there's an ossum one...
  3. Cruzz563

    OpenSSL with Windows 7 x64

    Can anyone tell me if this works with Windows 7? I installed it but my programs like mIRC aren't detecting them.
  4. Cruzz563

    [16x00] May 23rd, 2009 [Stunt Special]
  5. Cruzz563

    What The Bleep Do We Know Part Duex? It's called: What The Bleep Down The Rabbit Hole: Quantum Edition. I haven't watched it yet, but if it's anything like the first one it should rawk :) Oh. replace the 1s with "i" before .org :)
  6. Cruzz563

    Political or not...

    ...I felt this should be where the most people would see it. I'm having a Bush moment, and doing whatever I want :|
  7. Cruzz563

    Help with a Windows Mobile 5 device (SDA)

    So, I'm trying to get my SDA to function as a modem, I've been to install the HTC drivers needed so that Windows XP can see the device. Now, my question is, if anyone knows, is this supposed to be like a dial-up, or a type of "Always on" kinda thing, since it's connected to the WAP network on...
  8. Cruzz563


    Right, so I was chatting in the channel (w00t, go #gear!) and I thought, we have nearly every country here, either on these boards or in the channel, except Japan. Where's Japan?! I mean, to stereotype, are they too smart for us? But the Swedes and Germans and others are mixed in with the...
  9. Cruzz563


    As long as you rip out the tranny and rear diff. They can't handle the stock power. That blue z06 sounds freakin' good. Definately not like the BBChevies I'm used to hearing.
  10. Cruzz563


    ...jeffy, do you know if you guys are gonna cap that Science Chan special, Most of Our Universe Is Missing?
  11. Cruzz563

    Windows Explorer/My Computer Help

    I installed some program, it was prolly that Vista Trasformation dealy-got rid of that shite right away, that messed up the default action for opening drives. It's default is to "Search" instead of "Open" and it's only on the HDD and the ROM drives, and maybe the removable storage ones too. Any...
  12. Cruzz563

    [07x04] December 4th, 2005

    Discuss away! :D *shakes fist* DISCUSS!
  13. Cruzz563

    WALMART: The High Cost of Low Price

    I implore you to watch this movie, it's listed as a documentary, but it's more of an attack. Though NOT an unfounded attack in the least. People should know! You may be able to rent it at Blockbuster, I'm sure it won't be at Wal-mart, you can also find it on a.b.movies.divx for those with good...
  14. Cruzz563 The Bugatti Veyron

    You know who tested this car if it's on that site :),,12529-1890873,00.html Sorry if it's a repost.
  15. Cruzz563

    Conspiracy of Silence - (banned documentary).wmv THIS is from the Discovery Channel, it's a banned documentary the government paid MILLIONS to cover up. So I'm distributing it via BT ^_^ enjoy!
  16. Cruzz563

    Data Retention in the EU

    For those who want to believe Big Brother is only limited to North America, I give you this article: You can read the rest at the above linky. :)
  17. Cruzz563

    My fucking power keeps going out :x

    :x:x:x:x:x I think we maybe having rolling black outs or something. It happened yesterday and it was sunny. But it happened every day last week because we had thunderstorms each day. But today and yesterday there's no excuse. Anyway, I LOST MY SESSION! :x :cry: We need a 'Posts In The...
  18. Cruzz563

    Hacking a Pepsi machine 101

    From the guy who brought you the 'Hacking and elevator 101' linky comes, 'Hacking a Pepsi machine 101' :P Gonna try it next time I got to the store ^_^ I'm guessing the key is in the diagnostics, you 'test' a certain button I suppose. :)
  19. Cruzz563

    Audi Q7, unvieled

    Images ganked from :P The interior is hot :drool: And I think that some side sills would look nice because between the wheels at the bottom looks a little funny to me. Other than that, I think it's gorgeous :thumbup:
  20. Cruzz563

    Photoshop rendered motorcycle...

    ...I saw this and thought you guys in here would appreciate it; I never come in here so sorry if it's a repost :unsure: Enjoy: