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  1. The Night Rider

    Ownership Verified: Another New Car for The Night Rider - Honda EG4 Civic

    Surprise. I sold my 2003 Toyota Altezza RS200 for a 1994 Civic hatch back.. Why? Well I briefly mentioned some stuff in my Altezza thread, one of the major things being that while it did handle nicely, it just didn't feel right to me. Hard to explain but it had some characteristics I found...
  2. The Night Rider

    Ownership Verified: Night Riders Newest Car: 2003 Toyota Altezza RS200

    Okay hopefully I keep this one longer. Its a 2003 Toyota Altezza RS200. I sold the CRX for this because it wasn't practical enough having an AW11 and CRX and nothing else. Its still pretty sporty for a 4 door sedan and has reasonable power. Here it is: I think this one will...
  3. The Night Rider

    Ownership Verified: My MK I MR-2 (AW11). The Night Rider.

    Finally, I have an AW11. Bought it recently from a car collector out of town and drove it 500Km back home. A bit of a hassle but to be honest I think it makes the experience more memorable and enjoyable since I have really wanted one of these for some time. Specs: - 1985 - 177k Km - 16v 4AGE...
  4. The Night Rider

    Ownership Verified: - Night Riders Other New Car (Never Would Guess)

    If you saw my BMW E34 "post your car" thread than this one may be a little surprising, (my first Honda, honestly). 1989 Honda CRX - 138,000 Km - 5 speed manual - 1500cc, SOHC 16v (103HP) - Dual carbs (Don't laugh, carbs are for men) - Moderately lowered on springs - Double wishbone front...
  5. The Night Rider

    Ownership Verified: Night Riders BMW E34

    Okay my first real post other than my intro. So this is my 1995 520i factory manual which I recently completed an engine swap on, it now has a low mileage M52B28. I feel kind of silly for the proof of ownership pic since I doubt anyone would lie about owning this (at lest say you have an...