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  1. UltimateBMW


    I'm with you, the wobble leads me to think if they had waited 2 more seconds before cutting out we would see it topple.
  2. UltimateBMW

    Doctor Who

    Series 5 soundtrack comes out tomorrow. Should be great!
  3. UltimateBMW

    Clarkson: The Italian Job DVD

    These are great. Can't wait for it.
  4. UltimateBMW

    Movember - SHOW US YA MO'

    I'm in it with some co-workers. Our team name is Epic Stache. Thought that was pretty clever.
  5. UltimateBMW

    What Top Gear USA is competing with.

    It TGA is actually critical of the cars they review, and can channel some of that great charisma and slapstick style from the original presenters then I think the show will do just fine. It absolutely cannot be a 30m commercial with gimmicks attached onto the front and back though.
  6. UltimateBMW

    No series 16 until next year

    I'm pretty jealous of you. Especially since they have been so reserved on any information about the movie at all, let alone release dates. I wonder if they are playing it carefully because of funding issues for a global release?
  7. UltimateBMW


    I was kind of expecting a grey or silver stig this time. Kind of a best of both result.
  8. UltimateBMW

    Top Gear on 60 Minutes

    I don't really think it is that necessary. The Top Gear presenters are usually forthright enough to admit when they are rubbish or not. No need to 5th degree them, it wouldn't make the situation any less funny.
  9. UltimateBMW


    Greetings, I've been a long time reader. I registered this account a long time ago, just never have been much of a poster. Big follower of Top Gear and Formula 1. Look forward to talking to everyone about this years season. Hope Macca pull it together for a strong final push.