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    Steve Pizzati Crashes at Eastern Creek

    The story's a bit overblown, & the Hamster references were unwarranted, but:
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    Avoid Samoa in September

    They're changing the side of the road that they're driving on at 6AM on September the 7th. Samoa provokes fury by switching sides of the road
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    James is/was on Simon Mayo Today!!

    I was just looking at the Five Live site & saw: It's about half way through the show & I don't know if he's been on yet or not.:cry:
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    What about a West Indies Challenge?

    I was watching the second episode of Empire of Cricket last night & it was about the West Indies. I can remember reading some Clarkson stories where he's holidayed there (or in the greater Caribbean at least), so it can't be too smoking averse, so how about some sort of challenge there? There's...