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  1. the Interceptor

    Issue with uploaded images: loss of sharpness and wrong size

    I just came across a weird problem. I uploaded a new picture to my picasa webspace to post it in lens flair. As always, after the upload I extracted the direct link to the photo. When I checked it, I noticed that the image quality (mainly sharpness) has suffered quite a bit. I did a...
  2. the Interceptor

    Maria de Villota found dead in hotel room R.I.P. :cry:
  3. the Interceptor

    Documentary "From One Second To The Next"

    I stumbled upon this yesterday, in my book it is a must-see for any holder of a driving license. It's a documentary about victims and offenders of car crashes which happened because the driver was texting while driving. Produced by German directing legend Werner Herzog, it comes across rather...
  4. the Interceptor

    German sporstcar manufacturer Wiesmann files for bancruptcy :( Sad to see Wiesmann in trouble, I always liked their cars. But they're not dead yet, I'm sure they will live on.
  5. the Interceptor

    Ownership Verified: The BumbleBeetle

    So finally, after less delivery time than announced but some extra hassle with Volkswagen, I can present my new car to you: the BumbleBeetle I ordered it at the local Volkswagen dealer, it was built in Mexico and shipped here a few days shy of 4 months. It's a 2.0l I4 TDI Diesel with 138 hp...
  6. the Interceptor

    The future of computers: Tablets, AIOs, Convertibles etc.

    With the success of the iPad, Apple basically created a new category of mobile devices. Ever since, people have started using tablets as a sleek, elegant and easy-to-use way of computing when you really don't have to have a laptop. And now, finally I have to say, we have reached the point where...
  7. the Interceptor

    Looking for new cheap and simple non-smartphone for my sis

    Here's the situation: my sister is still rocking one of my old phones, a Motorola Razr v3i. It is aging and some parts of it gave up, so she wants a new one. However, she's not really interested in a smartphone, and she likes the clamshell shape of the v3i. I have no idea about the current...
  8. the Interceptor

    My way to a new car: thoughts and test driving impressions

    Following up a discussion in the Seat Leon MkIII thread, I want to use this thread (also to avoid being offtopic) to talk about my general and specific impressions of various cars I'm considering and which I might test-drive within the near future. Long story short: my trusty old BMW still...
  9. the Interceptor

    No love for the Fuji X-Pro 1?

    I think I'm in love. I stumbled over a camera which is still pretty new in the world of mirrorless interchangable lens cameras: the Fuji X-Pro 1. Fuji is pretty late to the party, Sony and Olympunasonic have already taken huge chunks of the market with their NEX and m43 offerings. On top of...
  10. the Interceptor

    The best affordable point & shoot cameras

    I'd like to get a discussion going including hints and recommendations for affordable point & shoots. I recently was asked to find such a camera and was simply baffled by the vast number of camera models available in this market. I'm looking at a 10x optical zoom (or more) for a maximum of 200...
  11. the Interceptor

    Dual Survival

    Does anyone but me watch this show? In case you haven't heard of it: Dual Survival a documentary-style show where two survival experts are being abandoned in some barren spot of the world with very little gear and are challenged to find their way back into civilization. One of the fun things...
  12. the Interceptor

    Help me find my next car ... problem: I'm picky!

    Got a bit of spare time to read some stupid drivel? Good! :mrgreen: First things first: my Beemer runs fine. But it is aging, and there will be the day when I have to get rid if it. So let's say I'm in the market for a used car somewhere around the 10k to 15k Euro mark. Only problem being: the...
  13. the Interceptor

    Vettel: why all the hate?

    I must confess you guys and girls lost me here. I'm not the biggest fan of the youngster from Heppenheim, and I do agree that he does quite a lot of stupid things that cost him, RBR and even other drivers (including his teammate) important points for the championship. But the outright hate he is...
  14. the Interceptor

    Android users: show your homescreens!

    Motivated by a discussion in the Best Android apps thread and my endless search for the perfect homescreen setup, I thought I'd make a thread with homescreens to share ideas and give tips. Describing your homescreens is one thing, but showing them is heaps better, because some things just work...
  15. the Interceptor

    How do I remove glue residues of adhesive tape on car paint?

    Okay, so I swapped my sunroof for this carbon fiber replacement panel a while ago. I had to seal the gap between it and the surrounding roof for a couple of days before I had it sealed tightly. To do so, I used plastic adhesive tape - a pretty weak and thin, transparent type. Nonetheless, said...
  16. the Interceptor

    Mad Men

    Is there a thread on this? Unfortunately the search function doesn't eat words with less than four characters, thus I didn't find anything. So here we go... In short: it is really awesome! I'm absolutely not made for drama series, I don't have any nasty habits of watching some ridiculous...
  17. the Interceptor

    Bugatti Veyron once again claims the title with the 267.9 mph Supersport

    German yellow press Bild reports that Bugatti has let the new Veyron Supersport loose on VAG's very own high speed test track Ehra-Lessien to reclaim the title of being the fastest production car in the world. In two runs recognised by Guinness World Records, the car reached an average speed of...
  18. the Interceptor

    Season finale of "House M.D." shot with Canon 5D MkII

    I just learned that since the high grade DSLR's learned to record video, more and more movie as well as television producers are leaning towards using these machines to produce high quality video footage. The current climax: the season finale of House M.D.'s 6th season was filmed entirely with...
  19. the Interceptor

    The big "primes vs. zooms" thread

    Since this has consumed a lot of my spare time in the last days and is one of the big discussions coming up in photography sooner or later, I thought a thread could be useful - a thread on "primes versus zooms". What the hell is a "prime"? A prime is a lens with a fixed focal length."Prime" can...
  20. the Interceptor

    Nasty bill for using the web with mobile

    Okay, bad stuff ahread. I got the January bill from my provider yesterday. Aside the phone line and internet, I also have a SIM card for my mobile phone from them. Now, among the usually stuff, the bill sports a hefty 630 Euros for GPRS connections. I thought that this can't be true, but the...