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  1. Matt2000

    RIP Max and Welcome Maisie - 2003 Mazda MX-5 Indiana Limited Edition

    For some reason I was worried that you had got rid of Maisie but was too afraid to ask. Great to see her out again. I think I posted it somewhere last year but I got some onboard video when me and Ice were in her for a drive last year.
  2. Matt2000

    The Post Your Pets Thread

    I love the look she's giving you in this photo and the one further up, I can't decide if it's mischievous or if she just wants you to go away. Having had her sleep on me and stick her arse in my face it's probably mischievous.
  3. Matt2000

    5150 III - Time for a new computer

    Filtration is a funny thing, the Corsair 570X does a good job of collecting dust on the front filter and I just blow it off with a lens blower poked in behind the glass. It doesn’t look like a particularly fine filter but very little dust gets inside. The Fractal Design R5 I have my server in...
  4. Matt2000

    Daniel Abt guilty of using a ringer to drive for him in Formula E esport race

    I thought he was an idiot but his response makes him a twat. To say it just doesn't matter and that he didn't try to hide that it wasn't him (which he did by obscuring the camera) is a massive insult to anyone else taking part. I don't care about the sport but it sounds like it's better off...
  5. Matt2000

    The "New Toys" Thread

    I saw Elgato's new 4K60 capture device, watched review videos that picked up issues and through a process of escalation I ended up buying something more advanced: I made a video to show off what it can do and talk about why I got it.
  6. Matt2000

    5150 III - Time for a new computer

    The pump started leaking on my GamerStorm AIO and the liquid went into the GPU, the whole thing shut down but I'm not sure if it was the temperature or the liquid. The machine was fine it dried out. So far the replacement has been fine and I would buy another, they will replace any damaged parts...
  7. Matt2000

    Ownership Verified: Lunacy and Eternal Optimism part II - 2001 Disco 2 V8

    I’m annoyed that I didn’t save that clip on the dashcam, I had it running and it records interior audio.
  8. Matt2000

    Random thoughts.... [Tech Edition]

    Having a big session of synchronising my cloud photo storage for the old idea of storing things in multiple places, I find this really quite relaxing. Including required Mac VM for ordering albums on iCloud because they didn't bother to add this simple feature to the browser version. Also I...
  9. Matt2000

    What's your latest [non-technology] purchase?

    That's a great pattern on the shirt, I should send that to Techmoan as it seems to be right up his street. I feel sorry for anyone who upsets you while you're wearing those shoes.
  10. Matt2000

    MWF+HWF3.0 Anniversary/Coco+IceBone Birthday Google Meet Sat Jun 13th

    Hats just don't suit me, unless they're made of tin foil.
  11. Matt2000

    Ownership Verified: Lunacy and Eternal Optimism part II - 2001 Disco 2 V8

    Good idea, I think we need a song to go with it as I get the feeling that I may see Bugsy again at some point. These aren't in order because vaguely fitting lyrics. We'll meet again Don't know where Don't know when But I know we'll meet again some sunny day Keep smiling through Just...
  12. Matt2000

    MWF+HWF3.0 Anniversary/Coco+IceBone Birthday Google Meet Sat Jun 13th

    It's definitely better in a browser if you can use one. Are we going for a 24-hour relay chat this time around?
  13. Matt2000

    Ownership Verified: Lunacy and Eternal Optimism part II - 2001 Disco 2 V8

    Bugsy has now gone to a new home with someone who is as enthusiastic about them as I am, he brought his own hammer to inspect the chassis. He certainly seemed pleased as I got plenty of compliments on the condition. Of course Bugs gave me a parting gift by the battery going dead when we sat and...
  14. Matt2000

    5150 III - Time for a new computer

    I don't mess with overclocking anything, it's plenty fast enough in auto. Using G.Skill memory myself (TridentZ) and it has been great. As others have said, SSD speed is impressive - I personally have only used Samsung EVO SSDs due to poor experiences with others but I can't see an Intel one...
  15. Matt2000

    Ownership Verified: Oh no, they've got another one - leviathan's MX-5 NC

    Owning cars you don't drive very often? No idea what you're talking about. :p Personally I know I'm going to miss having the open air experience once in a while when the Smart is gone.
  16. Matt2000

    Our 100th Birthday Online Meet Up

    Nor am I, thought I was an hour out again initially.
  17. Matt2000

    Ownership Verified: Plug Me In, Daddy - Another Tesla Model 3 Performance

    Picked Nebs up from the detailers this afternoon after leaving her there yesterday morning, they did a cracking job of cleaning up Telsa's half arsed paint finishing and applying the Autosmart Matrix Black ceramic coating. Very slick to the touch and shiny like a shiny thing. Interior surfaces...
  18. Matt2000

    The "i made dis" thread

    Bifold doors? They weren't... ...were they?
  19. Matt2000

    The "i made dis" thread

    Big cordless impacts are great, not really had enough opportunities to use my 1000Nm Makita but it gets the job done. Just re-read my post about veggies and it could be mis-interpreted in so many way, not going to change it now though. :LOL:
  20. Matt2000

    The "i made dis" thread

    Love the welding projects, curious to hear how you used the welder for the sawhorses. :LOL: I'm no veggie but home smoked veggies should go down well and you could slip a bit of cheese or sausage in there. :wicked: