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  1. nosispower

    Vicky vs. Sabine

    You knew this was a-coming! I vote for Sabine just because face-wise I think she's a bit better looking. She's a bit skinnier and her face gets really cute when she's concentrated on driving. :D
  2. nosispower

    U.S. insurance tricks?

    I might be getting my first car, a 1998 Nissan Maxima GLE. We already have a verbal agreement to buy the car and have a money order written up already. When we went to get insurance, we found out that the rates for me would be close to 1800 a year. I offered to pay for the insurance with my CVS...
  3. nosispower

    To all Brits: What does "cheeky" mean?

    What does the word cheeky mean?
  4. nosispower

    Driving Songs

    Let's compile a list of good driving music. List some good driving songs here: JC Chasez - - All Day Long I Dream About Sex Kylie Minogue - Locomotion (it was in the review of the Pontiac GTO on TG) Ayla - Ayla Part II Linkin Park - In the End added 6/28: Cardigans - My Favorite Game Ludacris...
  5. nosispower

    Guess That Car Game 2

    Since the other thread is a bit stalled, here's another one. We can have two games going for twice the fun.
  6. nosispower

    Teenaged Antics

    Anyone have any stories of stupid stuff you did when you were a teenager (car related)? I'm 17, so I have new stories regularly. Recently, I've taken down my friend's 2001 Honda Civic LX and another friend's 1992 Honda Accord with my Toyota Sienna minivan. With my friend's Accord, we ended up...