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    Top gear talk about the series

    Have a watch, is intreasting
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    Help Required! Datsun 180B & Total Nissan votes required!

    Hi all, My uncal has a quite spectacular Datsun 180B and has a chance to get it into Total Nissan as well as winning some goodies but to do this he needs votes! His number is number 8 and if you like the car, or want to help him out...
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    Not able to access Spolers

    Hi there Sorry if this has been asked before or if it an knowen problem or change but i have no been able to find anything on it. I am unable to get into the Top gear spoliers forum from inside the pre-eppisode discussion forum for some reason, The forum is stated as private and and when i...
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    Top Gear Bloopers

    Found these on youtube hailours stuff just though i'd share lol eSsLOjeUjuo s28kgurRXNU Sorry if its a repost, i did search:lol:
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    Rep, Whats your like!

    A heartfelt message to... July 16th, 2008 12:09 AM Thanks for the support. All good rep greatly received. Mineworksfine. A heartfelt message to... July 15th, 2008 10:46 PM what in the fuck? Top Gear Hottie Spotting July 12th, 2008 12:40 AM Grow up. I bet you'd love to find out that...
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    Playing season 1,2,3 on ps3

    Right the rest of the sesons play all right but These ones dont. I was trying to convert them into divx files but divx6 converter wont reconise the files. When i installed divx5 and 6 at the same time the convertor would reconise it but it would allways crash when adding files with an error. I...
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    Top gear mag June 07

    hmm i saw this at the end of the James Mays page : Bit fussy but it says "Top Gear will be back in october " :mrgreen:
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    Sign this!!! sign this please!!
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    I'v been downloading

    This for the past 3 months : Any one out there with this and a fast upload? :| Cheers