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  1. AnGuRuSO

    2008 Predictions

    I saw this little feature on PF1 and I thought it was pretty cool. So how about we give it a shot? Winner gets a free high-five from me. 1. Who will win the constructors championship? 2. Who will win the Drivers' Championship? 3. Who will be the top rookie in 2008? 4. Massa or Raikkonen...
  2. AnGuRuSO

    Eddie Smashes his Enzo

    ho ho ho!!! OMG man!
  3. AnGuRuSO

    Firefox download continuation

    Hello, I was downloading an episode of TG from Ice Bone's FTP (THANKS ICE BONE :)) and half way through the download I got disconnected. Bummer, well Firefox for some reason thinks that everything is hunky dory and told me it had successfully downloaded. I open it and it plays only the first 20...
  4. AnGuRuSO

    A Piece of Software

    Hi, I've been looking for quite a while, but to no avail. I'm looking for a piece of software that can compile a collection of files really quickly. I do not want the files to be compressed, I just want them to "become one". Pretty much just like Winzip or WinRar, except I don't want to have...
  5. AnGuRuSO

    Computer Conundrum

    I have one of those mini computers, basically it's a normal computer in smaller than normal case. It was pretty cool for a little while but because all the components were so close together everything heated everything else up and I got really really bad performance from really quite OK specs...