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  1. Coddington

    BMW M5 3L5 95'

    Here is my new toy i bought last week, i drove it 150km and now ***** snow is here :cry: 315hp / 200000km / full maintenance by a big Swiss BMW dealer Perfect sleeper !! More pics and feedback to come later :cool:
  2. Coddington

    BMW E30 4 doors Drift Specs

    325IX (4WD) => 325I (RWD) Welded differential, final gear of 3.90 or 4.10 (i don't remember), empty stainless muffler, springs - 40mm, you can see the rest of the car on the pics ;) Yeah, i know, i must remove those stickers... too lazy to do it now :lol:
  3. Coddington

    My beater [nissan Silvia S12 87']

    Here is my old winter beater, my first RWD :D I did 10000km with it, it's a cool car, the turbo sounds great 8) The engine is a 1L8 turbo 8V without intercooler, catalysed => 120hp, it has 8 spark plugs :blink: This car was sold this week at 128000km! time to restore my old Pug GTI ;) The...
  4. Coddington

    Do you want some fun?

    > :bangin: :bangin: :lol:
  5. Coddington

    eXeem Public Beta Released Exeem is released :D
  6. Coddington

    1 Murcielago for everyone

    :shock: :D :D