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  1. Coddington

    Ownership Verified: Ultra Low Cost Motoring - Take Two

    Hi Dude, Good econobox, what's the new one? :)
  2. Coddington

    The General Motorbikers Discussion Thread Good review on the VFR 800 ;)
  3. Coddington

    The cute thread

    /End of thread ;)
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  5. Coddington

    The General Motorbikers Discussion Thread

    ^^ some good words about the VFR800, the best bike between sport and touring :) Here is mine in French Alps in november 2010 :cool:
  6. Coddington

    Cool Videos

    Those snowmobiles are born to do some crazy shit for youtube :mrgreen:
  7. Coddington

    Cool Videos

    You think rallying in Corsica is great? Riding a supermoto seems a lot better :blink: ViwaepHyPxY
  8. Coddington

    Cool Videos

    30Ow92F78fY Got balls? :blink:
  9. Coddington

    The cute thread

    Ji5Lr-b6Skc Before being a big boy :P
  10. Coddington

    My 2003 SV650S

    Nice one, i have got the same in yellow with a devil exhaust :) I drove it 22500km last year :blink: Twin addict :D
  11. Coddington

    [10x04] November 4th, 2007 [Botswana Special]

    Ennio Morricone probably:)
  12. Coddington

    The cute thread

    X0-Sv6YnxEc It's so hard to be a bulldog :lol:
  13. Coddington

    Cool Videos

  14. Coddington

    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    7zYZ_zItA1Y I love the sound of those bang bang :mrgreen:
  15. Coddington

    Other Song Requests

    Post youtube links ^^:)
  16. Coddington

    Other Song Requests

    I guess it's Armageddon soundtrack or Rock soundtrack, sorry dude, i can't listen those songs, i have a problem with my itunes/PC speakers :rolleyes:
  17. Coddington

    The "New Toys" Thread

    I bought that go pro wide cam to my bike, it's so little :blink: Sample : not my video ;) : XPKZb219Vv8
  18. Coddington

    [05x04] November 14th, 2004

    11 months later :lol: ===> Deakin Scott - Dirt? Track