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  1. J

    Random Twitter sightings

    Lewis Hamilton ?@LewisHamilton I'll be back on top gear soon.....can't wait 11:56 AM - 17 Jan 13 ? Details
  2. J

    Vettel or Lewis? which one is faster

    Cracking youtube video, thanks for that!
  3. J

    Filming tickets - 'Not a dudes' needed

    MWF, Do tell! :(
  4. J

    Top Gear Revelation

    You May have been here since 2005, however your clearly have no idea.
  5. J

    Filming tickets - 'Not a dudes' needed

    Anyone else get irrated when they have been waiting for years for tickets, and yet the same people get to go 3 times?...:(
  6. J

    Top Gear 16x02 mkv2vob - Repairing AC3

    Hi there, When removing the sound from the audio, how to you change it to be in AC3 format? Thanks.
  7. J

    How to kill the treachorous stig

    scouts payback
  8. J

    Top gear talk about the series

    Have a watch, is intreasting
  9. J

    [15x06] August 1st, 2010

    It was good, and i enjoyed most of it, but to me it just felt too ovbouis and overscripted.
  10. J

    [15x05] July 25th, 2010

    This IS the best epp that top gear has ever done. F1 Segment was so touching. The SIARPC was brillent, and the Buggati run was epic!
  11. J

    Wilman says it, we should have quit two years ago

    If you want entertanment, cocking about, banter, and some fun about cars watch top gear if you want serious car road tests, with a tiny bit of banter watch fifth gear
  12. J

    Wilman says it, we should have quit two years ago

    Dont talk pish. It was fanststic. Season 13/14 was awesome.
  13. J

    Wilman says it, we should have quit two years ago

    I think it may be time for a new Producer? As much as hes awaseme, his hart just dosnt sceam in it when you read stuff like that :(
  14. J

    [17x02] June 10th, 2010

    This Fifth Gear is a very very large improvment over the previous few seasons. Its a nice change from topgear too, and its about cars as well so its all good The volvo/car bit though was a bit weird didnt sceam to lead anywahere. All in all a good epp :)
  15. J

    New Top Gear promotional video

    LOL @ tiffs face lmao.:lol:
  16. J

    Help Required! Datsun 180B & Total Nissan votes required!

    Hi all, My uncal has a quite spectacular Datsun 180B and has a chance to get it into Total Nissan as well as winning some goodies but to do this he needs votes! His number is number 8 and if you like the car, or want to help him out...
  17. J

    It's Seriously Time To Get A New SIARPC Car

    The guy who made this thead is either : lol
  18. J

    Top Gear bans 'Ginger Beer' couples joining studio audience

    err i hate to tell anyone this however i feel it needs to be said Your ment to be watching clarkson, hammond and james may not the ungly women :P
  19. J

    Stewart Lee wishes Hamster had been decapitated?

    Sounds like the guy is a bit of a dick, and isnt very funny. I wouldnt pay to go and see him now.