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  1. Porsche Liebhaber

    Only 2 out of 4 air vents are cold

    Hello everyone, When I turn on the AC I only get cold air from 2 vents at the driver's side, but the passenger vents blow normal temp as if the AC isn't on. Any ideas? The car is a manual 1.6 Renault/Dacia Logan
  2. Porsche Liebhaber

    Base model Impreza with ridiculous fuel consumption!

    Hello everyone! I have a 2008 1.5 litre automatic Impreza that has an unusual fuel consumption. Owner's manual says it should do 12 km/litre avg. and at worst 10 km/litre, what I'm getting is 7 km/litre at best. The car is used, it had 82,000 km when bought, now it has 128,000 and the issue is...
  3. Porsche Liebhaber

    Coldplay Clocks with chinese instruments AWESOME
  4. Porsche Liebhaber

    Should I worry about this YouTube "Content ID Match"?

    Edit: I know that they say no action is required from my side, but who knows you might get your video removed or account closed/suspended
  5. Porsche Liebhaber

    News: Porsche is about to face bankruptcy!

    I just saw this on TV @ DW-TV :(:( Schei?e :(:(:(,,4437785,00.html
  6. Porsche Liebhaber

    Google to launch a new OS "Google Chrome OS"

    Personally, I want them to kick M$'s ass;)
  7. Porsche Liebhaber

    SpeedTouch 536 V6 Driver needed

    Hello everbody :) I need the driver for "Thomson SpeedTouch 536 v6 Multi-user ADSL2+ Gateway" for my other PC, the driver is on a CD but i lost it.... i'm currently on my 3Com router, BTW is 3Com better than SpeedTouch? I already Googled it but bugger, i couldn't find it, so i need a direct...
  8. Porsche Liebhaber

    I just wanted to share this video....;)
  9. Porsche Liebhaber

    I need Winodws Mobile 6 for i-mate JasJam!

    Hello everybody!:) Where can i download "Winodws Mobile 6" for my friend's i-mate JasJam? Torrent or Direct link, it doesn't matter. Thanks in advance;)
  10. Porsche Liebhaber

    Did you see this guy mocking Jeremy?
  11. Porsche Liebhaber

    I just love this guy

    Hi:) I just found this on the RAF site, and i thought why not sharing it with you:-D
  12. Porsche Liebhaber

    Cool Ad. for Top Gear
  13. Porsche Liebhaber

    I'm dying to know why!

    I really want to know why didn't they let The Stig take the 911 Turbo (997) round the track for a record:?. Are they waiting for the "S" version?:|
  14. Porsche Liebhaber

    What's the song when Paddy got the licence in [11x04] ??

    When Paddy Mcguinness got his licence there was a cool song playing, what is it?