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    What car maker are you most angry with?

    A lot of car makers have done some stupid stuff in the past 10 or more years...things ranging from creating new categories of stupid cars to making sub par products to decreased reliability to diluting brands to....and so on what car maker are you most angry with in the present day? I...
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    Kia aftermarket does it right (kinda): Kia Forte Koupe R So they took the toyota trd model kinda...not to the same extent... but that car does look good. The wheels really fit the car.
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    The Car that shouldn't be ruined but will: TSX Wagon

    Unfortunately, this is what the acura one will end up looking like: 4 cyl with a manual? yes! or even the 6cyl with the auto. That turbo engine won't find itself in the tsx.
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    talk away, points of view about unions, state of current events about unions, how they should be changed, what ones work, what ones don't. the goal of this is to try and attempt to get the union talk to stay here instead of filling many other threads and detracting from the main thread in other...
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    Hill Flying: finally, a good use for San Francisco Residents of San Francisco don't want to accept that their city finally has a use.
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    1 Mac question and 1 USB sound card question

    1. Is there a way to get windows mobile 6.5 and OSX to like each other? I have some pictures on my phone that I want to put on my computer. 2. Is there an external usb 5.1 that is decent and has mac compatibility? I want to be able to use my 5.1 computer system with my macbook since I don't...
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    Rally+frozen Koala's=win? Should be an interesting challenge for those in the rally:lol:
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    Lexus LS430 Trunk Struts

    The trunk struts (shocks) that make the trunk easy to open and close have been broken for a while on my mom's car. I feel like doing a nice thing, so I was thinking of fixing them, especially since I'm going to be doing absolutely nothing over the next couple weeks. I know one of the reasons why...
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    Power!!!!!! What can I say? POWAAAA!!!!
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    The UAW is back at rewriting the contitution

    to make the state control toyota and make them keep Nummi open, I suppose. more of the same, blah blah blah
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    More Camaro issues. This time the transmission.
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    The nicest thing you have done for another motorist

    I got the idea from Jalopnik. What is the nicest thing you have done for another motorist? For example, I'll start. My dad once helped someone who was visiting American and traveling to SFO pay half their bay bridge toll because they ran out of money. They were in front of us and blocking...
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    How do you make a Prius uglier than it is?

    Why, give it a body kit of course!
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    Remote Control Toys

    I just got this today Its a Traxxas Stampede. It has a brushless motor, and as a result, runs rather fast (I got it up to 30ish in the dirt). I used to have a RC10 until the back wheel bearing became shot and it stopped working. So, post your rc vehicles. I'm sure I'm not the only one...
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    California is stupid: continues to destroy auto industry And that is the reason why the federal government should NEVER take after California. The EPA and CARB get a huge ego and push the limits even farther. At this point, after graduating from college, I'm going straight to buy...
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    GM may be govt owned after bankruptcy and so the transformation to American Leyland will be complete
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    The aftermath of debadging a car

    Well, I didn't follow proper instruction for one of the badges and it led to a small dull spot. I tried waxing with ICE, and it improved, but it has not gone away. It isn't that big of a deal and is not really noticeable. Just close up. and I'm picky about that sort of stuff. Here is the dull...
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    Daily Fail a'failin: TG force called to diversify
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    Northern California/North Central Valley Meet

    I was driving down the 5 freeway from Tracy, and stopped in Patterson for gas. I looked across from where I exited, and there was a perfect driving road, and looked at it on google maps. It has access from both the bay area and the central valley. Essentially, the road is a useless bypass from...
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    Autoblog: GM wants out of Opel...for free?