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  1. Crazy Vega

    Went autocrossing yesterday, and a Tesla showed up It was kind of eerie to watch it out there on the track. They let it run without any other cars on the track, and there was nothing but silence.
  2. Crazy Vega

    Jeremy Clarkson wins: UK reviewing all traffic signs
  3. Crazy Vega

    In Search of Rims for Race Days, Please Help

    I've finally gotten the new axle shafts I needed to convert my car over to 5-lug from 4-lug. With 4-lug, I was pretty much stuck with the 13" rims I had, and some pretty tall sidewalls. I currently have a set of 15" wheels that will work well for the road, but now I'm on the search for a good...
  4. Crazy Vega

    My '76 Chevy Cosworth Vega: Past and Pending Upgrades

    Six years ago, my dad bought this car as a bare shell along with many other parts, most of which he sold or exchanged for other parts. Now, when I say bare shell, I mean exactly that, with the exception of having a hood, doors and windows. After having it sit in the driveway for a couple...
  5. Crazy Vega

    No 56k: Chevy Volt(s), GM HyWire, and More

    While most here probably haven't heard of the Cosworth Vega, it was Chevy's break into the tech of EFI and DOHC, making them a special, overpriced, and underbought car of the 70s. Every year, a couple dozen owners of these cars get together at varying places across the US to tell stories, race...