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  1. CamoN

    James May in Finland

    I have been waiting for something like this. I mean they been to Norway and even Sweden (or atleast they have gone through Sweden to get to Norway :mrgreen: ) but not Finland. Not until now. :cool:
  2. CamoN

    Suomi-miitti Ahvenistolla 16.9 (Finnish FG-meet)

    Ei se mit??n, sattuuhan noita. Varsinkin kun ei ollut m??ritetty mit??n tarkkoja s??nt?j? ohittamisesta. Toiset suorastaan lenn?hti ohi ihan mist? tahansa v?list?, ja toiset (min? mukaan lukien) ottivat v?h?n rauhallisemmin. ;) Mutta hieman se kuitenkin yll?tti, kun olin juuri avaamassa kaasua...
  3. CamoN

    Suomi-miitti Ahvenistolla 16.9 (Finnish FG-meet)

    In-car footage. ;) Thanks a lot for those. I'll be making a few desktop backgrounds for myself. :cool:
  4. CamoN

    Suomi-miitti Ahvenistolla 16.9 (Finnish FG-meet)

    Meik?l?inen otti vaan in-car-videota. Saa n?hd? jaksaako siit? mit??n spektaakkelia v??nt?? YouT
  5. CamoN

    Suomi-miitti Ahvenistolla 16.9 (Finnish FG-meet)

    Tulossa ollaan. :cool: Sattuipas n?pp?r?sti, kerrankin kun olen H?meenlinnassa viikon jo valmiiksi, niin sattuu viel? sopiva ratap?iv? samaan aikaan. ;)
  6. CamoN

    Brutal SLR wreck in Quatar.

    I wonder what kind of a road he was driving on... I mean, was it the most sensible option to go that fast in the first place? I can understand someone going for the 300km/h marker on an empty Autobahn, but the pics suggest this road might have been quite a lot smaller and not as high quality. ...
  7. CamoN

    Azureus Torrent RSS Feed Guide

    Are there any Mac users around? I'm using Azureus on a Mac, and tried the RSS Feed. I got the plugin installed, configured the Feed and the Filter so that the Status Tab shows all the episodes from the current season of Top Gear and the last season of Fifth Gear. I tested the filter for Top Gear...
  8. CamoN

    [Winter Olympics Special] February 12, 2006

    This episode just blew my mind. Top Gear really is the day dream of every male. Being that 7-year-old kid again with a wicked imagination AND having access to world's fastest and most powerful cars, having the resources to go to the edge of cocking about AND finally, eating golden snow after...
  9. CamoN

    [06x07] July 10th, 2005

    This has to be one of the greatest episodes I have seen. Only one fast car, and yet the whole program was interesting. JC seemed to be in real pain on The News, but it was absolutely precious at the Cool Wall. I was on my toes through the whole marathon. Just a great idea for a race. I hope...
  10. CamoN

    jeremy's driving ban!

    However racing drivers have very good seats for the job, often crafted just for their back, and those 4- or 5-point harnesses to keep them in place. In many super cars there definetly isn't any kind of a harness and the seats, while giving lots of support, they might have insufficient...
  11. CamoN

    jeremy's driving ban!

    You're kidding right? Just think about it for a second. You climb into a supercar which has a height of about four feet. Then you molest your body with huge amounts of G-forces to every possible direction. Would be fun with a badly damaged back, wouldn't it?
  12. CamoN

    I know who the STIG is

    Let's bump this back up. So, regarding the interview with Damon Hill. What do you think. Does his breath smell like magnesium? :P
  13. CamoN

    BMW to take over Sauber

    This is a good thing for the competition, but a bad thing for the sport. I'm quite sure BMW will put a huge amount of resources in deveploment of their own F1 car, and they will be a contender for the championship in no time. But on the other hand, once again a huge car manufacturer has taken...
  14. CamoN

    Michelin won't allow teams to race at Indy

    I think it's completely FIA's fault. The only solution suitable for them would have been a speed limit for the Michelin cars in turn 13. Being in favor of a certain team called Ferrari? Nah, not at all. Although that would have been better than what happened, because then atleast two Michelin...
  15. CamoN

    F1 2005

    In my mind the rules are just about right at the currect state. With tricks like active suspension, the drivers would be become just passengers and it wouldn't take long after drivers would be selected by their weight and not by their driving abilities. And with the stuff FIA is trying to push...
  16. CamoN

    2006 Impreza Announced

    Uhh. They have been clearly designing the STi and not the WRX. When the time has come to draw a WRX, they have just dumped the spoiler. Awful balance on that.
  17. CamoN

    F1 2005

    Ferrari doesn't have the winning package right now. It just a statistical fact. No matter how good you are, you can't win all the races year after year.
  18. CamoN

    Fuel Consumption

    I think the answer to this in driving school was, they put the car on to a test bench and then "drive" a certain kind of program through. For example, when testing city consumption, there will be lots of acceleration with small gears and when testing highway consumption, it will be pretty much...
  19. CamoN

    F1 - Europe Grand Prix - N?rburgring

    Before the season started, I thought it was a good idea to not have any tire changes. It would lower the cornering speeds, increase safety and bring out the best drivers who can save their tires during the race, and still be fast. But now it has shown it's dark side. It doesn't actually...
  20. CamoN


    I'm a shamed that we Finns can be so jealous to each other for what ever reason. It seems that if someone is a very fast driver, they're automatically considered as an enemy on a personal level. I don't get it. Hopefully we'll see even some more stress on those Renault rear tires, so they would...