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  1. superchevy

    which would you buy?: '02 m3 or '03 s2000

    which would you buy? insurance is slightly more for the bimmer. checked my bank and i have 100% approved financing for either car. just need to pick one now: '02 bmw m3 w/ 111k miles for $15,000 out the door...
  2. superchevy

    '97 jeep grand cherokee limited - up country

    just got it on the 4th. it's stock for now, but some of the planned immediate upgrades: - 3.5" - 4.5" lift and tires - an arb or kevin's bull bar - safari rack - rock sliders - whatever performance shit i can find (intake, exhaust, headers...)
  3. superchevy

    Japanese "Best"; French "Worst" tourists according to European hoteliers

    Japanese "Best"; French "Worst" tourists according to European hoteliers compared to 2002 report: germans "best"; britons "worst" i can't find a complete...
  4. superchevy

    Triangle British Classic Car Show

    a member on another forum i regularly visit took some photos at last week's "triangle (raleigh, durham, chapel hill) british classic car show". photos
  5. superchevy

    sold my first new car today!

    hooray me! if you, or someone you know is looking to buy a new or used car, get at me. also, if you refer someone to me, and they buy a vehicle, you'll get a present in the mail. it was a 2007 ford fusion v6 se similar to this one, but in silver.
  6. superchevy

    '06 Lingenfelter 427cid TT Z06 Breaks Standing Mile Record

    226.25 mph on street-legal tires. 178mb wide-screen video lingenfelter needs to hire new public relations & marketing staff, because they suck. the video just shows like 10 redundant passes...
  7. superchevy

    What are your "Realistic Top 5 Things To Do In A Car"?

    don't list cars you'd like to own or drive, but list realistic things you'd like to do in them. 1. if the bering strait tunnel is built and completed in my lifetime, drive around the world in a single journey. 2. drive the nurburgring nordschleife. 3. drive the monaco f1 grand prix route. 4...
  8. superchevy

    "Super" Mario Williams streetracing his LP640 against an '06 STi warning: the girl riding shotgun in the lambo and filming is fucking annoying! atleast mario told her to shut up. man, i wanted him to throw her out of the car. for those who don't know, mario williams (6'7", 295 lbs, 4.73 forty yards dash) is a defensive end...
  9. superchevy

    i'm sitting here, listening to some mp3's...

    and realized somethings about this playing order: sublime - badfish social distortion - ball and chain green day - christie road smashing pumpkins - today badfish as you're get yourself in the proper mindset first. then, ball and chain is a classic bluesy punk track. it's a pretty distressing...
  10. superchevy

    What the hell is wrong with you, Toronto?!
  11. superchevy

    I think ghost ridin' is stupid, but I love this video!

    mistah fab - "ghost ride it" filming one of the scenes i can't believe someone hasn't sampled the ghostbusters theme until now. it's easily one of the best theme songs of all time! it's...
  12. superchevy

    Tell me about: 1991 Audi 90

    so i randomly came across this car ad, and the $800obo asking price caught my attention. i don't know anything about the cars, and did a little research. it seems to be a more than fair asking price compared to ebay listings ($1000+). do you agree? wikipedia tells me that it is a b4 generation...
  13. superchevy

    KTM's first car: X-Bow ("crossbow") video: fast lane daily episode, ktm is at the 1:37 mark video: german test track review video: ktm's x-bow promo daddy like!:yes:
  14. superchevy

    Eddie Griffin totals an Enzo promoting "Redline"

    cnn article and video of the crash. i can't believe the asshole is cracking a joke about wrecking another guy's enzo, and he references a really shitty movie of his too. haha, that's what the bitch (sadek) gets for making a shitty movie with even more shitty actors. it sucks that another enzo...
  15. superchevy

    2007 Indy Racing League Season

    irl has switched completely to ethanol fuel. danica patrick is now with andretti-green racing (marco andretti, tony kanaan, dario franchitti), so she shouldn't have any excuses for not winning a race.
  16. superchevy

    The coolest neighborhood in the world

    "victory lane" is a gated community located just outside savannah, georgia on 3,000 acres. there is the standard 18-hole golf course, 1600 acre nature reserve and equestrian center, spa and fitness club, tennis courts, several lakes for fishing and water sports, cigar lounge, bars, and the other...
  17. superchevy

    theory: manufacturers tuning cars for test track?

    i was watching an old episode of top gear, and it made me wonder. it was the episode when the f1 car was taken around the track in 59:**. the f1 team spent time to setup everything in the car, like they were really testing or racing the car. iirc, they used some setup attribute they employ at...
  18. superchevy

    memorial montage of F1 deaths. *GRAPHIC*

    *VERY GRAPHIC* but also a must see. it may border on being "tasteless", but it's not a glorification of the deaths. it's a well done memorial, in my opinion. it also shows the appalling regard for safety and emergency reponse in the past. my youtube post: learned the hero was a fellow driver...
  19. superchevy

    PORN! caution: don't enter without high-speed internet

    2007's america's most beautiful roadster ("ambr") 1935 ford, "iowa radster". built by roger burman; body by marcel delay (a legend). 2006's ambr chip foose's "impression", a 1936 ford. article on the car and more photos an article about the show, as well as past and current winners...
  20. superchevy Internet Movie Cars Database all the cars in "clarkson's top 100"