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  1. LindenChase

    Afghanistan interview James with the BFBS

    When in Afghanistan, James did an interview with the BFBS.
  2. LindenChase

    Jams features in The Big Issue

    Extra reason to buy the Big Issue this week. They have a feature called "Letter to My Younger Self" and James has written it in the current edition. There is an article online about it, but not the letter itself. I hope someone can upload it. I promise I will buy an extra copy of the Amsterdam...
  3. LindenChase

    The Thing

    Some very weird tweets today about a project that involves James. @achrisevans: @GBarlowOfficial: Does anyone have any idea what this can be all about? :blink:
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    James turns 50

    Lovely article celebrating 50 years of James. Says it all. :) Happy Birthday, James! xxx
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    New WW2 documentary by Jeremy

    Jeremy revealed on twitter he will start filming today for a new documentary about WW2! Great news, I love the documentaries he did earlier. :) Someone asked if he would be sailing the route himself to show the conditions the men had to endure. Jeremy replied he would.
  6. LindenChase

    New science series for James

    Looks like James is bussy with a new project. A couple of hours ago, he tweeted this: "Lebewohl" refers to an earlier tweet, in which he mentions he was off to Berlin. :)
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    James on Essential Classics - Radio 3

    James will make an appearance on Radio 3 next week, likely on Monday. :) Thanks to Dit for the tip!
  8. LindenChase

    Fan has tattoo of James

    Much as I love James, I would never go as far as this fan did. :blink: Still, well done, you! Love how the small tattoo shows the stripey shirt. :D It makes me wonder if anyone on this forum has a Top Gear related tattoo? If so: pics?
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    James to appear in Brian Cox lecture

    Last night James was one of the guests at a lecture that Brian Cox gave at the Royal Institution. Apparently he set fire to James' hands. :blink: More details in this blog and this one. According to the first blog, it will air around December 20th. I'm a big fan of Brian Cox, so looking...
  10. LindenChase

    New series with James & Oz

    Great news. Oz Clarke himself tweeted this a couple of hours ago, so it must be true: :thumbsup:
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    Vote for National Televsion Awards 2012

    You can now vote for the NTA awards 2012! :) Top Gear is nominated in the factual programme category. Richard is nominated in the entertainment presenter category and Wipeout in the Entertainment Programme category. One vote only... per e-mail adress that...
  12. LindenChase

    Stig spotted at Singapore airport

    It looks like filming for serie 18 has kicked off already. There are lots of people tweeting about Stig being filmed at Changi airport today. The guys themselves have not been spotted yet, as far as I can tell. Thanks to Dit for the tip!
  13. LindenChase

    Article on the guys' earnings - Guardian 03-07-2011

    Interesting article in the Guardian about the scale of salaries paid by the BBC to it's presenters. It also mentions that many presenters, including Jezza, James and Richard, nowadays have formed service companies and work on a freelance basis...
  14. LindenChase

    James - interview Ferrari Magazine - March 2010

    Really interesting interview with James about his love for Ferrari's. It's an old one, back from March 2010, but I can't remember having seen it before. Thanks to Dit over on the JMB for finding it.
  15. LindenChase

    James interview on Radio 4 27-06-2011

    James was interviewed on "Today" on Radio 4 this morning. Not about cars or any of his other projects, but about whether brown is making a come-back in fashion and if that also makes brown shoes acceptable. :? At 2.25.00
  16. LindenChase

    James - interview Evening Times 21-06-2011

    Nice little interview with James about Man Lab, Top Gear and some possible future projects. I hope the Beeb will late him make those documentaries he fancies doing. :) SPOILER ALERT: contains several spoilers about the upcoming Top Gear series...
  17. LindenChase

    James denies rumour about new presenters

    James called into Chris Evan's radio show this morning to deny rumours in today's Telegraph TopGear's days are numbered. :D BBC iPlayer - also available outside the UK: James is on at around 2.03.40. Warning: article and radio interview both...
  18. LindenChase

    Challenge involving electric cars

    Sounds interesting. I like these races across the UK. I hope though that they don't end up just taking the piss out of electric cars. And another article! :-)...
  19. LindenChase

    Talks about new James @ Oz programme

    Not sure if one tweet is worth starting a new thread, but if in hindsight it was: you heard it first here! :D One Daniel F. Dall'Onder mentioned on Twitter yesterday he met Oz Clarke who told him he had just spoke to James about other series of their Wine Adventures. Weird thing is it looks...
  20. LindenChase

    James' My First Car Story

    Not sure if this is an upcoming item on Top Gear America or just something they do on their website. But hey, it has James in it! His dad sure sounds like a lovely man! :)