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    cheapest beaters

    the simpler e30's
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    KIA Forte Koup Question

    and theres bart, which is public transportation/light rail that, surprise, actually works on time and efficiently.
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    Weed Smokers

    In california it isn't. I have to pay cash at the dispensary...its just like a normal store kinda, except awesomer.
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    Horrible issues with new Cobalts

    Why doesn't he look into CPO? sometimes the warranties are better than the ones on the new cars, but then again, it won't beat hyundai's new warranty probably.
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    Help pick a car to replace my Grandmother's Corvette.

    No, I just like touching interior parts of the car sometimes. And having soft, somewhat textured materials in come cases makes a huge difference. I feel a lot better when inside a tsx (not the epitome of good design by any means, but balances plastic use with soft touch materials) rather than...
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    2001 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

    Theres a huge support community for them (ask or search for questions and you will get answers pretty much immediately). I know someone who bought one, and replaced the entire interior as well as fixed the slightly arthritic engine before they were 18 (I'm not sure how long they worked on the car)
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    2001 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

    Whats there left to do on it (the car)?
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    More Bad news for British Car Manufacturing?

    India has some stupid taxes on imports. Its like 200% or something...probably a good amount less. A base C200 CGI is 61025.2497 US dollars according to todays conversion rates. Good idea on Land Rover's part to increase sales in India. edit: a base LR LR2 is 718828.98 usd
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    "But its still saving the environment"
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    Unveiled: Lotus Exos

    I came into the thread thinking "Oh god, its an suv" I am very very relieved it isn't.
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    Roller fans - please ID this model, thanks

    yup, but i'm assuming it isn't i'm assuming
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    Car number 2. VW Bora.

    I think those rims definitely fit the style of the car. excess is sometimes an option, and in the case of this car, it is
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    i kinda liked watching this video because the german accents are awesome
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    Help pick a car to replace my Grandmother's Corvette.

    I also immediately thought CTS-V but the C63 also seems to fit the bill kinda....(without the nav screen at least) A last generation E63 is also relatively simple compared with the newer one, and they are decently cheaper than new ones. And the E63 has a lot of space. Or if she wants to, the...
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    MX-5 to slim down to 2,200 lb, smile more.

    Thats also in part to mass shipments of the car from the east and midwest to the west when they first came out because of high demand and people willing to pay over sticker.
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    News: Speed camera switch-off sees fewer accidents

    clarkson's going to be happy that Oxfordshire's off the camera system (I think he still lives there)
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    What car maker are you most angry with?

    A lot of car makers have done some stupid stuff in the past 10 or more years...things ranging from creating new categories of stupid cars to making sub par products to decreased reliability to diluting brands to....and so on what car maker are you most angry with in the present day? I...
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    StarCraft II....hell, it's about time

    I just discovered hotkeys. call me a slow learner