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  1. ninjacoco

    Unverified Ownership It's Weird Under-Appreciated Aircooled Time! 1971 Volkswagen 411

    It has come to my attention that my Volkswagen 411 doesn't have a thread yet. It's a good car! Eventually! Sometime when I can make it stop overheating, it will be a good car! A 24 Hours of Lemons team offered me their Volkswagen 411 for free if I wanted it, and you bet your sweet hindquarters...
  2. ninjacoco

    $^#& coco needs a new DSLR body

    I got stuck in that $&!#@^* ^%$@(^# FP2 rainstorm during Austin's F1 round. Guess whose camera body no longer even powers on? This is, of course, the worst possible time to need a new camera. I have about a ten-day stretch of stuff in November I'd like to use a camera for, part of which is a...
  3. ninjacoco

    N?rburgring Cocomeet - Aug. 27-30 - (THIS WEEKEND ZOMG YOU GUYS)

    I'm a bit late for Ringmeet, but it looks like work (w?rk?) is sending me to cover WEC now. HOLY CRAP! Anyone else going to be in the area? I'll be wandering around like a madwoman most of the day and trying to get w?rk done, but maybe we can get together for foodstuffs after one of the days or...
  4. ninjacoco

    Jalopnik: Coco's Big West Coast Road Trip (Because I Can)

    Fine, we'll use the Jalopnik: prefix because it'll probably end up there, or elsewhere, or in Fluffy's big nasty pointy teeth. Yep. My 10th year high school reunion is happening in Seattle. This seems like as good an excuse as any to drive across the country. Other possible excuses: Because...
  5. ninjacoco

    Awful Dove Chocolate Advice Rewritten About Puffalumps

    Dove chocolates are tasty: fact. However, they always have the WORST advice inside the wrappers. It's all feel-good, lovey-dovey (oh oh see what I did there?) twaddle that usually only serves to blow smoke up your arse. So, I should rewrite these every time I open a chocolate, replacing a...
  6. ninjacoco

    FinalGear LeMon Party! (Texas - March)

    Apparently, Thomas is back. We're doing LeMons March 1-2 at Eagles Canyon. Fluffy eats souls. The usual.
  7. ninjacoco

    Ben Collins is probably going to be on Jalopnik in ~30 minutes Sounds like our guy...ex-Stig......thing. It's a Q&A. Someone needs to ask why the new Stig's buttocks are flat. :lol:
  8. ninjacoco

    Holden or Ford?

    Discuss. I'm probably going to watch the Aussies play bumper cars here in Austin and there's not a chance in hades I'm rooting for anything called an "Altima." Ever. So, who's worthy of coco's support? Speak! (I see the Supercars sticky, but someone break it down in a nice summary for a...
  9. ninjacoco

    Ownership Verified: So, I bought a Porsche.

    Sort of. AUUUUUGGGHHHHH THE ENGINE'S IN THE WRONG PLACE! But... ...there's ample storage for useful things!: I always wanted a red one. I think this may have been red at one point in time. ... Okay. Racepillow! Yeah, I need to move the seat up or get a new one. It...
  10. ninjacoco

    Texasmeet 2: Electric Boogaloo?

    Adrian asked about it, so time for a new thread? Texasmeet 1.0 was a great success, with many lulz had by all. Guns. Cheese. Cars. Puffalumps. At one point in time, I ate deep-fried meat covered in cheese. In other words, it had pretty much everything you'd expect out of Texas. Shall we do...
  11. ninjacoco

    People who put beans in chili...

    ...should be forced to SMELL the consequences. { PHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTBPPPPBBBBB! } I'll go ahead and exempt vegan/vegetarian variants, as you can't really do a meatless meat soup without SOMETHING to fill the void and thus, I expect beans then. Sometimes they're even okay. Spicy bean soup...
  12. ninjacoco


    So, everyone knows that I have a lot of Puffalumps. Out of curiosity--does anyone else here have any fluffy 'lumps of happiness? (Disclaimer: this thread is actually gaasc's fault--blame him! Now post Puffalumps OR ELSE.)
  13. ninjacoco

    My shoulder hurts because racecar.

    Help a coco out. Posting this to automotive instead of OT since it's a mildly-car-related injury that some of you guys might have some experience with. So, I played with a friend's Z that has no power steering, and now my shoulder feels like crap. Has anyone else ever pulled something like...
  14. ninjacoco

    In this thread, coco answers all your questions... yes or no format. I am bored. Ask away.
  15. ninjacoco

    Should I put track stickers on the Lulzcer?

    This is a poll. You should vote on it. I know the answer is always "my balls," but yeah. So, a dilemma: should I add track outlines to my daily beast? I'll probably go with "tracks this idiot's driven" so I can add two instead of just one (plus another one if I wait a couple weeks, hee hee)...
  16. ninjacoco


    You heard me. For. The. Win. Yeah, old floatyboat Oldsmobiles are a bit of a guilty pleasure. Expecially from the 80s (and older). The more faux-baroque 1980s cheese, the better, IMHO. Would I own one? NO! We did that when I was little. They're cars I'd rather be chauffeured in--not ones...
  17. ninjacoco

    "Subscribed Threads"

    I keep getting "Subscribed Threads" pop up when I do not, have not, and WILL NOT ever use that feature. WTF? Right now, my User CP says I'm subscribed to Random Thoughts. I wanted no such thing, and I even went through my options yesterday to make sure that everything I could disable in regards...
  18. ninjacoco

    2012 United States Grand Prix

    Dude Dude Dude Dude DUDE It--it's, like, practically in my backyard. I can't wait. Also, several of us from FinalGear are going. If you're going, come say hi. Texasmeet thread here: Brand...
  19. ninjacoco

    A Dilemma

    I'm cold and tired, but I am almost out of toilet paper. I have, gosh, half a roll left, but I also ate a giant burrito for lunch and I'm afraid half a roll won't be enough. Then again, I got up at 5 a.m. to do an autocross today, so I'm quite tired from playing outside in the rain all day. Oh...
  20. ninjacoco

    FinalGear Texasmeet - Nov. 16-18, 2012 (Austin F1)

    Enough of us have said that we're probably going that there needs to be some kind of official meet thread going besides the general "what can we do in Texas?" thread. So, I'll call it since it HAS to happen: Texasmeet. Week of the F1 race. Because really, really fast race cars, dude...