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  1. gfc-julian

    Help me out please....What episode was...?

    Im looking for some help as to which episode a small clip of information i have in my head is from. It was part of a news segment where Richard mocked in an Italian accent something along the lines of "it has a Million horsepowers!" Might of been something about a Lambo but im not sure, would...
  2. gfc-julian

    Help... need question answered?

    Can anyone tell me what the name of the German Double clutch transmission was that was mentioned in the news a couple of series back? I would much apprieciate it... P.s this can be locked once answered...
  3. gfc-julian


    Hello had a quick search through the forum to see if i can find a topic on it but there isnt an obviuos one... i cant work out how add a avatar to my profile?? :? Help please :)