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  1. FaultyWarrior

    Top Gear in Hoboken, NJ?

    A friend of mine spotted an assortment of supercars parked in Hoboken, NJ. Anyone know if this was one of the TG branches invading, or was this just a random coincidence?
  2. FaultyWarrior

    Site Bugs [Not Forum Bugs]

    The countdown on the homepage keeps failing to load for me...happens both at home on several computers and at work.
  3. FaultyWarrior

    [17x05] July 24th, 2011

    The first part about the Interceptor - the review bit, I liked. I also liked the Lotus track car. That's pretty sweet. But the rest of the episode I honestly thought sucked. I don't care for this "entertainment over cars" crap. I want the older TG back - like when they're do the cheap car...
  4. FaultyWarrior

    [01x04] December 12th, 2010

    "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath
  5. FaultyWarrior


    Name's Jim. I'm a college kid that like computers and Volvos. Live in Connecticut (USA for the non-US people) Studying computer networking/computer security. Top Gear is my favorite show on TV. I like the US one too, so don't hate on it. :P Oh, and I like laughing at Benz and BMW owners when...