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  1. Scott

    Is anyone keeping a running tally of celebrity lap times?

    Given the exuberance of fans that follow these chaps, I would assume this is already done someplace. If not, it might be fun to keep a "master list" of lap times so we can see who is really good and who is really crap out there on the track.
  2. Scott

    Where is the "guess this car from a tiny piece of it" thread?

    Is that thread still active? I remember having a lot of fun trying to sort those out back in the day. Any help?
  3. Scott

    Does Andy Wilman have a Twitter account?

    Just took a look and saw nothing obvious.
  4. Scott

    Assuming Clarkson is being sacked, who would you want to replace him?

    I have no idea if the show will continue or not, but let's say hypothetically that it will. I would love to see someone with that same brash sense of "F-You, I do what I want" but the field of potential candidates is pretty open. Who would be your choice and why?
  5. Scott

    WEC 6 Hours of Fuji - no USA TV live coverage?

    I know this is now a huge audience draw, but it frustrates me to no end. Now I am searching for a potential live stream online. Who else is following this race?
  6. Scott

    2007 Honda Element SC ... aka the new hooptie

    I bought this both as a new commuter car and to allow me to take my UrS6 out of daily use status because it is not really the right kind of car to be using as a daily driver. Here are my pics (with the appropriate proof).
  7. Scott

    Should we think about planning a HUGE meetup at the first F1 race in Austin, TX?

    I know it is quite a ways off, but if the planning started soon it would allow us to being a LOT of people together in one place for a very cool event. I think if we did it properly we might even be able to get the TGUSA folks involved for a meet and greet or special group drive or something...
  8. Scott

    Need to make sure I am not going insane.

    Does everyone else see a picture of my car (black Audi S-6) on this page? I am trying to figure out why anyone thought it was a good idea to use my car as the image to represent a military base... kind of funny!
  9. Scott

    The man groomer... funny, funny stuff...

    I guess there is a market for this, but holy crap did I get a laugh out of it. The idea is a DIY back hair shaver, I only wish I had seen it a few months ago because it would have made a great joke.
  10. Scott

    Help me decide... Xbox or PS-3

    I want to get a "modern" gaming system finally. The last one I actually bought was a SNES, so it has been a while. My daughter has a Wii, and I like it but I like driving games and those really suck on the Wii if I am honest. I know the capabilities of both systems, and I really don't have...
  11. Scott

    Is this game good enough to justify me buying a PS3?

    I don't own one, and I really only like to play driving games... even those are a rare occasin, so is this one good enough to justify me buying a PS-3 or not?
  12. Scott

    Some shots from my "horrible" drive to work... ;-)

    I love driving this road just about all year round, but during this time of year it is just something special! These were all taken with my Droid, but they turned out pretty damn good considering I did nothing but turn on my phone and start shooting!
  13. Scott

    I would appreciate a bit of help with this photo

    Can someone please edit ou the light poles and pretty thing photo up a bit? I am planning to use it as sort of a promotional photo for a car show that I host every year, but as it sits right now it is just a bit ugly! As long as the cars and the mountains remain in the photo, you can take...
  14. Scott

    The best and worst day

    I was originally thinking of doing the best and worst day in your country's history, but lets expand on that. I don't want to do the best and worst day in a person's life because that could get really depressing really fast, so let's stick to big things like your state or province or company...
  15. Scott

    So who is a Rush fan around here?

    I know the ages and geography of this group is pretty damn diverse, so I thought it might be interesting to see who feels what about Rush. I am sitting here watching "Beyond the Lighted Stage" right now and loving it.... very well done documentary, and the band pretty much kicks ass. Who else...
  16. Scott

    YESSSSSSSS!!! I won $100 today for a scavenger hunt!

    My housing area hosted a scavenger hunt that involved stuff all over the city, and while we were hustling to get it all done, we got a dang flat tire! I changed that thing in about 4 minutes flat, and it is a good thing too because we only won by 13 minutes. If you have never participated in...
  17. Scott

    Dear General McChrystal, you have huge balls! I personally feel that this guy is just vocalizing what a HUGE portion of the Defense Department is feeling, and I respect him for it. Of course now he has to play the song and dance, but I know he spoke the truth and I would love...
  18. Scott

    Whoa!!! GIANT sinkhole in Guatemala

    Holy cow this thing is flipping HUGE!!!! :-o:-o:-o
  19. Scott

    Let play "what could be bent on this POS" - or I need a bit of help with a car issue

    Let play "what could be bent on this POS" - or I need a bit of help with a car issue I am looking at a car for a friend of mine, it is an '03 Saturn L200. She thought she had brake issues but after inspecting it, the face of the caliper is hitting the inside of the wheel in 3 or 4 places...
  20. Scott

    The main page, jumping to the stig story

    I have tried this a few times and it does the same thing every time. It jumps down to the Stig in Legoland story... did I break the internet?