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  1. Solberg

    There is a brand new Tax Haven - Liberland. Yeah, it's seems legit.

    Apparently you can apply for a citizenship also. Not sure how revlevan this is for US citizens with FATCA (The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and all, but this could be perfect for everyone else. More info here. Seems to be light after reading around, although this smells a bit like a...
  2. Solberg

    Gymkhana 7 is live!

    Wanted to share this article with the Finalgear crew. Gymkhana 7 has gone live and apparently it's a great deal. The post compares the gymkhana CPM rates with the Super Bowl rates and the conclusion is very interesting. And here is the video!
  3. Solberg

    Can the Cops Search Your Phone? No. Well? Actually Yes? but Not Exactly.

    Interesting post I came across regarding the questions of an officers right to search your phone. What do you think?
  4. Solberg

    Anyone here into Entrepreneurship?

    I just recently stubbled onto a few really interesting websites: 1. 3. After reading these sites for a while I have become really inspired about the whole startup/entrepreneur scene. Unfortunately I have no idea for a venture yet. I was...
  5. Solberg

    Mad funny Hilter finds out video

  6. Solberg

    Mighty car mods is back! - Any fans here?

    At long last, mighty car mods is back with a new season. The first episode is a full hour :-) This is by far my favourite youtube show. I would highly recommend anyone to check out their channel. It's MAD!
  7. Solberg

    Driving a my 911 after 3 months?

    Haven't been on here for ages! i have a question....I wasn't able to drive my 911 for 3 months as the rear tires were completely bald and I had a wait for ages and and ages for replacement toyo 888 in my size. The car was in my garage for 3 months without moving. I did start it up every week...
  8. Solberg

    Driving holiday in Europe - what to do?

    In the beginning of October I will be heading off to Europe for a driving holiday. The Plan is to hang out in Paris for 2 days with some friends and then head towards the ring and rent a car for a full day on the track. After that I am all out of ideas. I thought I might head to he new Porsche...
  9. Solberg

    Can't take good panning shots with my new D90

    I used to have a Nikon D40 with a 16-85 VR lens and all I would do was set it to shutter priority mode (S on the dial) set the shutter speed to anything from 40-60 click and track the car. I took hundreds of great motorsports panning photos and the cars were very sharp in all of them. I got a...
  10. Solberg

    Proper driving school around NY?

    I am interested in taking some real driver training - to improve my driving both on the road and track. I am located in new york and am willing to drive about 5 hours out if necessary. I only ever heard of skip barber but they are on the west coast as far as I know. any recommendations?
  11. Solberg

    Whatsapp - Limit contacts?

    I would like to download Whatsapp but to my understanding, it automatically adds everyone from my contacts to the app. I have work collogues and other contacts that I don't want to add. Is it possible to manually add all my contacts or is it done automatically?
  12. Solberg

    How to make a pdf file?

    I have scanned about 15 documents and instead of sending 15 jpg files, I would like to make one pdf file. How can I do this?
  13. Solberg

    Download Youtube channel via iTunes as a podcast?

    I want to somehow set a system that will allow me to download a youtube channel as a podcast in itunes. How can this be done?
  14. Solberg

    Selling the 335i what should I get to replace it?

    My 2007 e92 Bmw 335i M sport is going away in the middle of October. I got an irresistible offer I and would be nuts not to sell it. The 335i was used since 2007 as my daily driver and my track car. I upgraded it slightly with an awesome Alcon big brake kit, light weight wheels and sticky...
  15. Solberg

    iPhone 4/ Retina display iPod wallpaper thread

    We have a thread for the old iphone/ipod wallpapers and I think we should have a new one for the latest iPhone 4 and iPod. I will get things stared, more to come :)
  16. Solberg

    The Cool Wall iphone app at last!

    The BBC released a cool wall app for the iphone. Type 'the cool wall' or 'top gear' in itunes and have a look. Looks kind of rubbish to me at quite dear at 1.99$. Worth a look anyway I reckon.
  17. Solberg

    Clarkson has an iphone app

    Clarkson has an iphone app out it's called - Clarkson Dual. Anyone download it?
  18. Solberg

    Best way to back up itunes?

    I want to update all my itunes music videos, apps, playlists, songs the lot. I want to have it so that I can restore it at a 100% accuracy after I format my computer. What is the best way of doing this?
  19. Solberg

    Make a gun This is awesome. Show us your guns.
  20. Solberg

    Need to get video camera fast

    I just took out my 4 year old mini dv cannon vidoe camera and found that it is bloody dead. Anyway, it's time for an upgrade. I need the camera by next Wednesday so not much time for research. I was looking at the Toshiba Camileo H20 and the Toshiba Camileo S10 both of which are dirt cheap...