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  1. kanderson

    Mountain fire caused by lightning

    Lightning started a fire about 10 miles from here. I'm not much of a photographer, but these turned out pretty cool. I was standing about a mile from the fire for most of these, and I could feel the heat on my face. 3 homes were completely destroyed at the base of the mountain, and several...
  2. kanderson

    Drive a Carrera GT Online

    Worth a look:
  3. kanderson

    Offline Reader or News Feed?

    (Sorry if this is a stupid question.) Is there such a thing as an offline reader for these forums? Or a parallel news feed? It would make life a lot easier if these posts just showed up instead of having to go out and poke around.
  4. kanderson

    Restoration Rip Off: is it worth it?

    Some kid in another topic is griping about the Restoration Rip Off. He says it will be boring and a waste of time, and "most people hate it". I am curious about what the folks in this forum think.
  5. kanderson

    Uday's Ferrari

    These pictures were forwarded to me this morning. Taken in Iraq, these are supposedly Uday's Ferrari. The sender also said he looked up the VIN number on Car Fax with the following results (really funny): WARNING: THIS VEHICLE IS NOT PROTECTED UNDER CARFAX WARRANTY. MILES: 12,000 DATE...
  6. kanderson

    Korean automakers are inflamed at Top Gear

    Just in case you missed this news release: I thought this was really funny. Anyone out there drive a Pacific Rim car?
  7. kanderson

    Stig's Test Track - Anyone have a map or layout?

    This may be an unusual request, but I'm looking for details on the Top Gear test track-- the dimensions, a basic layout, etc. I know there's a t-shirt available that has the map on it, but I can't read it in the only photo I've found (see below). If all else fails, I'll just order the shirt...
  8. kanderson

    Show Time Length

    I'm trying to gather a complete collection of Top Gear episodes (2002-2004). I have a question for all of you experts out there. Most of the episodes I've collected are one hour long, but some of them in 2002 are only 23 to 45 minutes. Were those really short episodes, or are these files...