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  1. cookiebun

    Weird electrical issues

    I have a 2004 Kia Optima EX V6. The battery was a year old in November. The car has not been driven much since May when I lost my job. When I got the oil changed in December they said the battey's "Cold crank" was too low an I should replace it. I told them the battery was under warranty still...
  2. cookiebun

    Tire Store unable to remove locking lug nuts. Should I be worried?

    I went to get new tires from the same store I got tires from four years ago. They called an hour ago wanting to know where my special lug nut key was. It's news to me that my used car with after market rims has special lug nuts. They didn't ask for a special key when I bought the current tires...
  3. cookiebun

    Photobucket Breaks Image Links Across the Internet

    Just a heads up: :(
  4. cookiebun

    Id this weird building

    Can anybody figure out what this building is? We co by it on the way to get pizza . It surrounded by a barbed wire topped fence. I think it's Part of a utility[/URL][/IMG]? Just found out it's a pump station for the water utility. What are the things on the roof for? Fans?
  5. cookiebun

    Can't + rep somebody.

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I keep trying to give +rep to someone but this board absolutely REFUSES to let me. It keeps saying "you must spread some rep around before giving it to". I've given about a dozen other people +rep, I'm not even sure I've ever given this person any...
  6. cookiebun

    Power supply, power switch or motherboard?

    I came home today to find my beloved Windows Xp Pro machine shut down due to a power fluctuation. I pushed the power button to turn it back on and nothing. I built this PC around 2008 or so and use it far more than this rotten Windows 7 pc. Is there an easy way to tell if the problem is the...
  7. cookiebun

    zeroaccess rootkit

    Has anyone else had any adventures with this?:bmwpoo: I got it on a drive by download and I've been fighting with it for 3 weeks. :wall: Just venting. :blink: Watch out.
  8. cookiebun

    58% markup on parts at shop

    :cry: Is this outrageous or standard operating procedure?
  9. cookiebun

    Dell Bios update killed practically new pc. Will they fix under warranty?

    Hubby bought himself a new pc in April from Dell. Last week he attempted to updated the bios from dell's website. He typed in his service tag # and all that other blah blah. They list this bios update as "recommended" It totally killed his motherboard. Not even any error code beeps from the damn...
  10. cookiebun

    Need ntfs file recovery prog for dying hd

    Hi. Can some one recommend good program to repair the files on an ntfs hard drive so that they can be burned to dvd? Every time I boot this pc Windows says "one of your drives needs to be checked for consistency" Chkdsk proceeds to run and trashes the files it claims it "repaired". I've had to...
  11. cookiebun

    No More INSTANT online car insurance quotes sites?!

    Just for giggles I wanted to see how much it might cost me to insure a particular luxury car I covet, should I ever win the lottery. I can't find a site that will give me an INSTANT quote. I plug in all the info and then they want my e-mail address so they can SEND me the quotes, or they even...
  12. cookiebun

    BBC America: James May on "Friday Night With Jonathan Ross ". Tonight at 9 est.

    BBC America: James May on "Friday Night With Jonathan Ross ". Tonight at 9 est. Amazing! BBC America hasn't cut James out of tonight's butchered offering of "Friday Night With Jonathan Ross". I think I owe some folks here some money. Mods: Sorry if I've posted this to the wrong part of the...
  13. cookiebun

    anonymous rep

    Why is it people can leave rep me anonymously but I can't rep anyone anyone anonymously? I thought anonymous rep had been banned? Can't find the rep settings on my user cp despite scouring the faq and advanced search.:(
  14. cookiebun

    Port forwarding for bittorent with vonage router

    Man, what a frigging pain!. If it's going to be this difficult, I'll think I'll do without a phone. Does anyone know of a RECENT port forwarding site that has directions for V-portal VDV21-VD?. The Vonage router has to be in front of my regular router. I can no longer see any of my 3 other pcs...
  15. cookiebun

    sig ok or too gross

    Can I use this as a sig or is it too gross?
  16. cookiebun

    Top Gear America: Why not delete that forum?

    Just a suggestion. Why keep the forum for a show that's never going to air? Please delete/move this tread if I've posted this in the wrong place. :)
  17. cookiebun

    Rubber trim around windshield ripped. How best to fix?

    Can I fix this myself with a glue gun or should I take to a windshield shop? My dad says the windshield could pop out if I don't get it fixed. It's about an 18 inch length of rubber that's ripped. I have it tacked down now with duct tape. It's a crap car, not worth spending a ton of $ on. :) Thanks.