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  1. cdbob

    Ownership Verified: My 1996 NA M-Editlon MX5

    Well it looks the sti is on it's way out. I'm not a huge fan of the car, so I'm getting rid of it and replacing with this. Already I am in love. Picked up tonight, no rust at all. The thing just needs a tune-up, and it will be good to go. Car has 137,500 miles on it and I got it for $3100 off...
  2. cdbob

    Ownership Verified: I finally made up my mind on a car, My 2009 STi.

    Just got the car today. Sorry for the bad photos, I'll get my real camera tomorrow. It's a lot faster than my jetta, I'm going to need to learn to take the lead out of my right foot.
  3. cdbob

    How difficult is it to replace Front CV joints?

    I have a 2004 Jetta that has worn CV joints and depending on the cost to get them fixed I may just try to do them myself. A mechanic at work figured it would probably take about a day and half. What do you guys reckon?
  4. cdbob

    The firing order of strange engines

    In trying to build replicas of engines in minecraft with pistons and redstone I've run into a barrier. We've managed to do most engines but we can't seem to find the firing order of the W18 (used by Bugatti in a few prototypes) and the i14 (used in massive ships.) If you guys know input would...
  5. cdbob

    Road Trip Thread

    I notice that when people are planning road trips, we seem to start separate threads to do so. To me it doesn't seem practical to scatter this across the forums so I decided the creation of this thread was necessary. Having everything in one thread will be great on many levels. My trip is still...
  6. cdbob

    The compare your shirt thread

    This is another idea from the irc, which initially was ruined by a small typo. Anyways in here you post any interesting shirts you have. 95% of the time this is the t-shirt I wear I will post more pictures when I have good light for my shirts.
  7. cdbob

    The Dollar per Horsepower thread

    Here's a simple idea that came from a comment I made on the irc You take the price you paid for your car and you divide it by the amount of horsepower your car has. For example, my car was $6500/ 100 horsepower Which makes it $65 a horsepower and $34.75 a lb foot of torque. If it's new use...
  8. cdbob

    2004 Jetta TDI Wagon

    Just got the car today, it's not plated yet because that will probably take a few days to get everything done for it Car is extremely dirty. It has been snowing this week so most cars don't look great (On tuesday the thing looked great.) It will need a pretty damn good cleaning regardless. As...
  9. cdbob

    The Steam thread

    With all the sales and the amount of people on steam. I thought it'd be worthwhile to start a thread on this. Hell it might even be better to call it a general video game chat. Anyways, what has everyone picked up so far at the Steam Summer Sale?
  10. cdbob

    Help me find a good CPU cooler fan

    Hello A few months ago I bought a Corsair A50 CPU cooler for $15 :D. Anyways, the first time I fired the old girl up it was apparent the fan that came with the cooler had come from an aircraft carrier. I'm looking to replace this 3 pin fan with a proper 4 pin fan so my motherboard and os can...
  11. cdbob

    Sandy Bridge (Builds, Discussion and Random Shit)

    Well seeing the amount of pics in the New Toys Thread, I figured it was a good idea to create this thread to get all those pics and the like into one thread to keep everyone jolly. Intel created Sandy Bridge on the 32nm process as a "tock" in it's overall *yawn* Blah, Blah, Sandy Bridge, Blah...
  12. cdbob

    Building a Media/ Encoding Rig

    I am in the process of choosing the components for my first build. My goals are the to have a system designed for encoding, media playback and downloading. I'm thinking of: 2-3 2TB WD Green HDDs Athlon II 635 Quad Core Antec 500 Watt 80+ PSU An ATI 5650 GPU I'm looking for a balance of...
  13. cdbob

    Wifi P.C.I. card not showing after a reformat of windows xp.

    Hello I recently reformated and old rig, and the result was that the D-Link Airplus DWL-510G didn't show up. I have installed drivers, but they have done nothing. I have tried reinstalling xp agin, but the result was the same. System is a AMD Athlon XP 2800 1 GB Ram, 150 GB, 250 GB HDDS 5000s...
  14. cdbob

    Problems with MSI Wind

    My MSI Wind Netbook has acquired two large problems in the past week. The first being that the USB external DVD drive is not recognized at all, and the second is that my 1920 x 1080 external monitor is not being sent any resolutions besides 800 x 600, 1024 x 7xx, and 12xx x 9xx, I've tried...
  15. cdbob

    What to Eat/ Do after Wisdom Teeth Removal?

    Hello, today I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed (two impacted) as well as a fifth wisdomlike tooth (as the result of a genetic luck.) I was wondering what you guys did /ate for this event to have the fastest healing and the most comfort?
  16. cdbob

    Good Pair of bookshelf speakers

    I am looking for a good quality of powered bookshelf speakers for use with my laptop, for uses I am using these are music creation purposes so i am looking for quality stuff rather cheap stuff.
  17. cdbob

    Good Printers

    Hello, I am going to be using for assignments to do with music mainly. What brands/ models are good to get?
  18. cdbob

    Automotive Innovators

    This thread is decided to the people who made improvements to the automobile, or did something market wise that was brilliant. So post the people you think deserve to be in this thread, along with a description of what they did. I will start with someone who is lesser known, but did great...
  19. cdbob

    Worst Season of Top Gear

    While the debate rages as to the best season being either season Six or Seven, I want to know what you guys think is the worst season out so far is. I know we all hate polls but fuck lets do this because I am interested what everyone else thinks. EDIT: If you also want to talk about the best...
  20. cdbob

    The Curry Thread

    I decided to create this mainly for my love of Curry and of forum organization. I myself love this spice and created this as homage to this. I will post recipes that I cook with this spice periodically. Others feel free to do the same.