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  1. hiimandy1

    2013 German Grand Prix

    A little late to start this one, quali on now. Looks like the RBR/AMG party will continue, refusing to invite anyone else to their pole position party.
  2. hiimandy1

    2013 Formula 1 Grand Prix of America/New Jersey/New York?!

    Full article Fact or fiction? We find out for sure Tuesday (I believe SPEED is covering it live at 2pm.)
  3. hiimandy1

    X: Rebirth- My favorite nerd space sim series! Ignore the vagueness of the trailer, these games have always focused more on "the universe is yours to explore GO!" and less on a set plot. Anyone else here play the X series? It hasn't got a super huge following, but surely SOMEONE else is...
  4. hiimandy1

    Motor Trend: Zeta Lives; RWD Chevy Sport Sedan, and the $140,000 Cadillac

    Read more: Well this seems...optomistic. Not sure about the business prospects Cadillac halo car the way they're talking about it, but I sure as hell want them to try.
  5. hiimandy1

    The Sebring is dead! Long live the 200! The shots don't look as good as this but it's an improvement...except one thing. 4 SPEED AUTO. I hope that's a joke on Autocar's part.
  6. hiimandy1

    BMW V10 and AMG 6.3

    So today, the current generation M5 ended production. The M6 isn't far behind, meaning the end for the S85 V10. Mercedes is now introducing the new S63 with the twin turbo 5.5L, replacing the 6.3 (Okay, 6,208cc) V8. I know that turbocharged engines are more efficent, and have more low end...
  7. hiimandy1

    Ferrari: V12 are safe!!!

    "Ferrari and Lamborghini are both holding back from turbocharging the engines for their next generation of top-line supercars because of the traditional preference of their customers for normally aspirated powerplants. Although Ferrari is widely expected to adopt turbocharging for future...
  8. hiimandy1

    Goldman Sachs vs SEC!

    "The Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday charged Goldman Sachs Group Inc. with defrauding investors, alleging that Goldman let a big hedge fund fill a financial product with risky subprime mortgages and then failed to disclose that to the product's buyers. The SEC said in the civil...
  9. hiimandy1

    Next Pagani to be available in the US! Carbon Fiber, Titanium, 700 horsepower. Legend...wait for it...ary.