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  1. nsx_23

    Jalopnik: Jaguar XFR-S

    Link - Sweet baby jesus that is a nice looking bit of kit.
  2. nsx_23

    The car cleaning thread

    I thought it may be useful to have a thread where we can share tips on how to keep our cars looking like new. I am currently in the market for a pressure cleaner and am thinking of getting a karcher. However, i wonder if the more expensive models are worth it. This is the one i am looking at -...
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    The Windows Phone thread

    This thread will probably be much less populated than the Android one but I thought it'd be nice to have a place to talk everything Windows phone. Hopefully more people will be picking up WP handsets with Nokia producing some stunning hardware. Just dev-unlocked my Optimus 7 to start side...
  4. nsx_23

    2012 Corvette Grand-Am Prototype

    Come on Chevrolet, now build an LMP1 prototype....
  5. nsx_23

    Jalopnik: Texas-tuned Cadillac CTS-V Coupe will get 1,000-hp

    Great-looking bodykit, but I wonder if you can order one with a tamer engine.
  6. nsx_23

    Autoblog: Subaru to split WRX from rest of Impreza line, make it smaller

    Not too bad of an idea, but I always thought part of the Impreza/Evo appeal was that they had some semblance of practicality?
  7. nsx_23

    Jalopnik: BMW M3 DTM Concept: An M3 mated with pure evil

    BMW Media release :motherofgod: Now they just need to merge Super GT and DTM.
  8. nsx_23

    Autoblog: Rumormill: Lamborghini to build SUV atop Porsche Cayenne platform?

    Estoque, LM002, new gallardo and Aventador in the same showroom would make for quiet a sight.
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    VBS Video - The 2nd revolution As requested: Discuss
  10. nsx_23

    The RC Cars/Planes/Boats/Helis thread

    Maybe my searching skills suck, but since I couldn't find a dedicated RC thread I thought I'd start one since I want to ask about RC aircrafts anyway. I've been thinking of getting this little beauty: The Electrafun XP. Some quick reviews online seem to indicate its a good beginner package...
  11. nsx_23

    Autoblog: Shelby builds 1000+ rwhp twin-turbo GT500 prototype

    If Shelby keeps the stock exterior that would be epic. Something tells me he'll just put a tacky bodykit on it though, and it definitely won't come cheap. Actually, how much would it be to build something like this yourselve? I have no idea on US tuning parts prices.
  12. nsx_23

    Autoblog: Report: Lamborghini Sesto Elemento approved for limited production

    I am excited :cool: I still can't get over the stupid engine cover and a few little details, but the overall shape has really grown on me. *Blonde is an optional extra*
  13. nsx_23

    Report: Audi bringing four-cylinder A8 in 2012

    Makes perfect sense for Asian markets where you rarely go above 70km/hr. And I still really like the new A8; Looks a little generic in picutres, but really rather handsome in person.
  14. nsx_23

    Harddrive uprgade for Macbook pro

    So now that I don't have to sell my 13" late09 unibody MB pro I'm considering upgrading the hard drive. I'm currently using a 500GB 5.4K RPM WD Scorpio blue, and whilst its relatively quiet and energy efficient its not exactly fast and I get beachballing quiet often. hdapm just made my battery...
  15. nsx_23

    Need a new laptop

    I'm in the market for a new laptop at the moment since my sister wants my 13" Macbook Pro. I'm mainly looking for: 1) Good battery life, preferably close to 13" MB pro levels. 2) independent GFX, preferably nVidia. 3) 13"-14" size. Don't want to lug around a brick. 4) Below $1000. Not too keen...