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  1. A.Fonz

    National Auto Museum Of Australia, Birdwood SA.

    These are a year old now, but I had them posted up on another site, So I figured I may aswell here to. Enjoy :D Excuse the poor photos, I'm not that good with a camera. Although if you do fancy any of em, I have the originals in high res. :)
  2. A.Fonz

    What car is this?

    Wan't really sure where to put this, so If it need's to be moved, please feel free. :) I just baught this album and had a question for you car buffs as to what is the car on the front cover? Cheers. :D
  3. A.Fonz

    Fonzie's Series 2 XJ12

    Well, it?s not mine yet, but it will be in a week or two, It's a Series 2 XJ12, I'm buying it off my mate's dad for $1000. Everything works beautifully, no rust, chrome looks brand new, tires are barely worn, interior is in beautiful nick, all the electrics work, and the engine doesn't...
  4. A.Fonz

    Fonzie's 1986 Jaguar XJ40

    Here is my XJ40 . It was my dads, he had planned to restore her, but he didn't have the time. And once he realized he couldn't sell it for anything more than a shoelace, he decided I could have it, now it sits out the back, longing to be taken for a drive. It has alot of problems, the...