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  1. d.dutton9512

    TG USA Coming to My Hometown!

    My city counsel just released this: "A film crew will be in Griffin on Tues., 5/4 and Wed., 5/5 to film an episode of ?Top Gear?, a cable TV show. The shoot involves a sports car and a military helicopter. Please do not be alarmed at the presence of helicopters flying over the city. Scenes will...
  2. d.dutton9512

    Rental Car Roulette

    While my poor car is in the shop I lost the Rental Car Roulette. I ended up with a PT Cruiser. Instantly upon driving it out of the lot I remembered a quote that fit the occasion that I thought you guys might recognize. "I'll guarantee that nothing exciting, vibrant, dynamic, new, creative...
  3. d.dutton9512

    Clarkson's Missing Columns

    Sorry if this has already been brought up but has anyone else noticed the absence of Clarkson's non-car related columns on the Times website? They used to keep a short list under the car reviews of his stuff that was social commentary style but it's missing. Just wondering if you guys or girls...
  4. d.dutton9512

    Clarkson: A question about Clarkson

    As an American sometimes references made on Top Gear go a bit over my head. In fact I remember when I first started watching I would have to pause each episode a few times to look up whatever they were talking about (read: Hen Night). Anyway, I've yet to figure out why exactly Clarkson seems to...