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  1. Ryan_93

    Ownership Verified: 2019 Volkswagen Polo GTI+

    Thanks yeah its been a pretty decent upgrade from my old 2016 1.6 TDI Euro spec Honda Civic I had before
  2. Ryan_93

    Ownership Verified: 2019 Volkswagen Polo GTI+

    cheers thanks very much. Its a really nice place to be sat
  3. Ryan_93

    Ownership Verified: 2019 Volkswagen Polo GTI+

    Do you know how to get verified Ownership? Mines still saying unverified even though I have provided proof?
  4. Ryan_93

    Does anyone else like vintage HiFi gear?

    I have a bit of thing where I have to own stuff and try it out for myself lol. I did model my setup on some of Techmoan's though. Elcaset being the best most obscure format I discovered through him I think.
  5. Ryan_93

    Does anyone else like vintage HiFi gear?

    The reel to reel & Elcaset machine have fantastic sound tbh. Even my Sony ES cassette deck under the little Teac Minidisc is an excellent performer. I had it playing all my music at our Christmas party and no one could tell it was a Cassette tape. A bit of a video demo of the Sony from a few...
  6. Ryan_93

    Random thoughts.... [Tech Edition]

    This was a recent acquisition of mine a Sony TC-K333ESA Elevated Standard Cassette Deck. Stunning machine for recording purpose. Unfortunately given the rarity of them they still hold their value a lot these days. It came out in 1991/92 and was on of the better Sony decks from the period. The...
  7. Ryan_93

    One of my all time favourite cars - The mighty Audi Quattro

    Snapped this at London classic car show the other weekend at the 40 years of Audi Quattro Exhibition. They also had the mighty S1 E2 Sport Quattro on display too. P.S Mods please move if there is more relevant thread for these type of photographs. I.e. at car shows or spotting.
  8. Ryan_93

    Does anyone else like vintage HiFi gear?

    Other than cars one of my other interests is vintage audio equipment. I built this current space over the last two years tried to go mostly 1970s vibes, but a few components are later than that. I just love all this old analogue gear and I enjoy keeping it all running. Components of my setup...
  9. Ryan_93

    Ownership Verified: 2019 Volkswagen Polo GTI+

    Hi All, Back to the forums after my last post around six years ago. Back then I had a Navara, but it became a nightmare. We ended up selling it for scrap 2015 as it had just too many issues to even bother to rectify. It also turned that it had also been involved in an accident to do with the...
  10. Ryan_93

    2007 Nissan Navara Aventura

    LOL the irony is most of my mates here find it laughable fuel consumption. I guess its because all their Corsa's, and Ford Fiestas , get the 45-55MPG range. I don't care though. I won't get stuck in snow.
  11. Ryan_93

    Ownership Verified: 1994 Land Rover Discovery ES

    Love it, you'll be set for this winter. I drive a Navara myself, but really wanted a Defender 110 if I'm honest. Some day :P
  12. Ryan_93

    Ownership Verified: Resistance was futile! My 1988 BMW 5er

    lovely looking vehicle :)
  13. Ryan_93

    2007 Nissan Navara Aventura

    Happy New Year guys So earlier today I took the Navara out for a spin in the countryside and to get a few shots of her. The route I chose though was maybe a mistake since it was really too narrow to stop for a long period of time, but I managed to get a few shots with my D90 and my iPhone. I am...
  14. Ryan_93

    2007 Nissan Navara Aventura

    Proof Proof Now i've had a bit of time here are the proof shots of my username and stuff on the console :)
  15. Ryan_93

    2007 Nissan Navara Aventura

    sorry ??? - - - Updated - - - thanks again.
  16. Ryan_93

    2007 Nissan Navara Aventura

    I am going to post a proof pic as soon as I can and at some point also a video of me driving it, but two of my posts are not yet showing up (moderation). The photos provided in the original post are linked to my flickr page though, as it says "Ryan J. Nicholson" at the bottom of the photo. If...
  17. Ryan_93

    Go Pro Advice for a Christmas Gift Please

    Go for the black edition its a fantastic bit of kit, helped out my rowing team filming training videos and stuff :)
  18. Ryan_93

    No 56k: Parked like an idiot

    This was one I took about five years ago in a pub car park.
  19. Ryan_93

    Ownership Verified: My 1995 BMW E34 5-Series

    really nice looking vehicle.