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    The Perfect Road Trip Part 2 (Xmas DVD 2014)

    Is this the right place to post this? In 2013 Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond embarked on what they hoped would be the perfect road trip. It started well...
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    Meet the Man who drives for TG

    Jalopnik has posted this great article about Niki Faulkner and his colleagues aka Driving Wizards - who do a lot of the back up driving for TG. If you're on twitter and don't follow him and like little behind-the-scenes tidbits, I suggest you do. @DrivingWizards...
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    Hammond: New Science Series: Wildest (or Big) Weather

    Just starting in production now as announced by the BBC a few weeks ago Big Weather (OSF) 3x60?, BBC One, Executive Producer Alice Keens-Soper There is no bit of new filming kit that Richard Hammond won?t get his hands on in this groundbreaking three-part series, in order to get closer to...
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    Hammond: How to Build a Planet / How to Build a Universe

    Richard has been filming for this on and off over the last 12 months including trips to NASA, lots of underground physics facilites, and taking part in a roller derby pretending to be a neutron. It is a 2 parter (a BBC/Discovery co-production) and the first part is airing on the 14th October on...
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    Hammond: Richard to appear on Celebrity Juice

    Richard is to guest on Celebrity Juice on the 12th September I hope he knows what he's let himself in for!
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    Christmas DVD 2013

    Many of you will have seen the tweets and reports today of Jeremy and Richard with a private jet and in Italy in a speedboat, being mobbed in Verona...usual stuff (:D). Jeremy confirmed at filming yesterday that they were going out there to film this years Xmas DVD. They have a Mercedes SLS and...
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    Richard's Minsk Motorcycle from Vietnam on eBay

    Someone is claiming to have Richard's pink painted Minsk to sell on eBay. I am not 100% convinced about this - mostly due to the fact that the only photos on offer are stills from the Vietnam Special. However they claim that it is the original and that it can be collected from London...
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    James' Solo TG Documentary

    Myself and a couple of overseas TG fans were at Beaulieu on Tuesday doing what they thought would be their only TG experience of their trip when we were told that James was filming there that day. And indeed he was. A researcher told us that it was for James's solo TG documentary project (like...
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    Hammond: Genius of Nature

    Bits and pieces about this have been surfacing for over a year now (paragliding in SA last year, talking to elephants in Botswana just before TGL SA this year) but it now appears to be coming together for an Autumn release. Oxford Scientific Films is to produce a high-end, primetime science...
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    Hammond: Richard on Breakout - Yahoo Finance

    Richard has done 3, 5 minute interviews on Yahoo Finance covering the BMW 3 series, the development of American cars, and TG/Crash Course: ... 6.html?l=1 ... 48095.html ...
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    Jeremy on Twitter?

    According to Jeremy in his column in 'The Sun' today he has finally succumbed to a Twitter account :D "After years of being bullied and mocked by friends, I decided to join Twitter. "Ooh, you'll have a billion followers in a week" everyone said. Well, its been a week and so far I have....wait...
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    Sniff Strikes Back....

    Please keep your sense of humour intact.... :D
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    New F1 driver for the Liana in S17?

    Jeremy states in his Sunday Times car review today that Sebastien Vettel will be appearing in TG this coming series - presumably to thrash the poor old Liana round the track. :)