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    From Alex's Family - Donations

    We now have a donation page. Here's the link to the blog post explaining - you'll find the links to donate/register at the bottom of the post:
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    From Alex's Family - Donations

    Seems like the visual style of the forum doesn't make hyperlinks visible without mousing over them. I linked to my post on his blog in the words "Alex's blog". Info on how to donate is/will be there. Thank you so much, everyone, for all the kind words.
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    From Alex's Family - Donations

    Hey everyone, for those who don't remember me, I'm one of Alex's sisters. It's been ages since I've posted but I always appreciated how friendly everyone is here. I saw that quite a few of you are looking for a place to donate in Alex's name. I've made a post about this on Alex's blog. I can't...
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    Playstation 4

    *sigh* I'm getting tired of all the gimmicky tech that keeps being developed. It's not comfortable or practical to be twisting your head around just to see things around you. I really don't see how this could become the norm. I'd much rather see that room projection tech than this. I've used...
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    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    True, but I'm not playing Skyrim for the realism. It's a fantasy game and I'd much rather look at pretty things than ugly, accurate things. Plus there are plenty of other brown areas in the game. I found myself staying away from Whiterun and favoring Falkreath even though as a city Falkreath is...
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    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I recently set up a new lighting mod too and I love it: This last one is Whiterun. Yep, Whiterun. It's soooo much more beautiful with this mod I have. I also have a few texture and terrain mods that change the look of many areas. The second to last image is just outside Whiterun, where...
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    Random Thoughts... [Entertainment Edition]

    At least you can sign up. I'm not allowed. :(
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    Playstation 4

    Well I wasn't planning on getting a PS4 anytime soon, but my company decided to give us our Christmas presents early and surprised us all with PS4s yesterday! They didn't come with any games, but I played a little bit of some f2p games on it last night. I really like the design of the console...
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    Random Thoughts....

    I'm one of those people that doesn't sweat much (and even then it takes a lot to smell at all) and I don't get all gross by the end of the day. I usually shower every other day and I can go longer if I have to. Ask anyone I know - I'm not stinky, don't look gross, and don't feel gross. It all...
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    Does anyone still have 56k on here? [Speed Test Thread]

    Woo I got new internet! and I'm paying way less! I am so glad to be rid of Comcast. Now I only pay $60/mo for 100mbps compared to Comcast's $89/mo for 22mbps.
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    Game: Batman: Arkham Origins

    Ugh. I really don't like the combat now. It feels like one big quicktime event - fighting doesn't rely on skillful strategy, it depends entirely on you being able to hit a certain button within .0002 seconds. Not only does it make combat not fun, it makes you feel helpless a lot of the time...
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    Game: Batman: Arkham Origins

    During the (first?) Deathstroke fight he glitched and fell through the floor, leaving me trapped in the arena. Hooray.
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    Grand Theft Auto V

    I will never understand that mentality. Games have become such a big part of popular culture and yet some people still think games are for 10 year olds. It isn't 1985 anymore, lady. Good on you for kicking her ass out the door. :lol:
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    Avatar: Legend of Korra

    Yeah I'm really starting to hate her too. Those stupid spats she keeps having with Mako are getting on my nerves. What is she, five?
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    The Blacklist

    Yeah I was wondering about that too. Seems like they gave away an awful lot, and you'd think they'd have saved those secrets for later instead of wasting them in the first episode. I was also annoyed that they basically showed the entire episode in the trailer I watched. Other than that, I'm...
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    Nintendo 2DS

    But...screen scratching! What the heck is the point in making it not foldable? It looks like one of those stupid Leap Frog kids' handhelds. Why would they remove the most important feature that makes a portable handheld portable?
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    Action Figures

    Samus from Metroid Other M. No, I haven't played that one and I never will. Fucking Nintendo... I like the design of this suit though. I regrettably don't own as many action figures and things as I'd like. I need to start expanding my collection.
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    Awesome Thread

    Awesome! I really, really want to go next year. I've never been and it looks amazing. Plus I'll have my costume done by then too! Did you go jedd? If so, as what/who?
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    Pacific Rim. Giant monsters, Robots, and GLaDOS.

    My company is treating us to a day early release of this movie tomorrow. I'm excited :D